Friday, January 13, 2006

How to shut up terror supporters

Here is another posting that I created when I was on Yahoo News message boards a couple of years ago:
Terrorist supporters like to pretend that they are only working to protect the poor, downtrodden Palestinian people.

Yet many Palestinian Arabs would LOVE to, voluntarily, move to another Arab country to raise their families in peace, to get jobs and get their pride back. But their Arab "brethren" won't let them come in!

Jordan no longer allows Palestinain Arabs to even visit, or travel through Jordan to go to Mecca! Syria has always kept their Palestinian Arabs in inhumane refugee camps. Kuwait expelled 600,000 Pals in 1991.

So ask a terrorist supporter if he thinks that Palestinian Arabs should be allowed, if they want, to move into other Arab countries and become citizens there.

Their silence will be deafening.

Or at best they will feebly try to change the subject.

Because if they answer honestly, they prove to the world that they don't give a damn about Palestinians, only that they want Israel to disappear.