Saturday, December 31, 2005

Palestinian Arabs cheapen their own lives again

An interesting detail about Thursday's terror attack, where a Palestinian Arab who aimed to blow up a children's Chanukah party was stopped by a true hero. The Palestinian media, of course, had a different take:
"Three citizens were heroically martyred today in an explosive operation
that targeted Israeli soldiers at a roadblock south of Tulkarm," declared
Voice of Palestine radio in the lead item of its two main news shows
Thursday afternoon.
The other Arabs that were killed were innocent bystanders, who were goign about their daily business. Yet the Arab media refers to them as "martyrs."

What makes something valuable? It is a simple question of how much importance people place on something. If people decide that a yellow substance that can be mined is valuable, then gold becomes valuable. Pet rocks and Pokemon cards once had value, but as people lost interest the items became less valuable.

It is easy to say that human life has infinite value, but in fact human life is only as valuable as people make it. If a community acts as if life is valuable, where much effort is spent in keeping human beings alive and safe from harm, then life itself becomes commensurately valuable.

On the other hand, if a community shows disdain for the lives of its own citizens, then they obviously do not value life as much and in a very real way their community's lives are worth less than the lives of the community that truly values life.

So, in a very real sense, Palestinian Arab blood is cheap - due to the acts of the Palestinian Arabs themselves.

By celebrating deaths of their own people, by even celebrating the deaths of people who had no desire nor intent to die, the Palestinian Arabs show how they truly feel.

Israel has shown far more regard for Palestinian Arab lives than the Arabs themselves have. Far more Palestinian Arabs have been killed by fellow Arabs and by each other than by Israelis. Palestinians under Israeli "occupation" were treated far better than those in Lebanon and Syria and under the PA, in every sense - economic, educational, medical.

Something is very wrong when the Palestinian Arabs' supposed enemies value Arab lives more than they themselves do.