Monday, November 14, 2005

Senior PA officials explicitly support continued terror

For some reason, the mainstream media completely missed these interviews by the PA national security advisor and the PA minister of civil affairs.

The official PA policy is continued terror, period.

Statements by Jibril Rajoub

(Photo: Al-Arabiya, November 4, 2005)

  • Jibril Rajoub, the PA's national security advisor, and a leader of the second generation of Fatah, was interviewed in Cairo by daily newspaper Al-Zaman on October 30, 2005. He stated that Abu Mazen would not, under any circumstances, ask the PA security apparatuses to disarm Hamas and the PIJ as long as Israel occupied the West Bank .

  • As a guest on an Al-Arabiya TV talk show on November 4, 2005, Rajoub was asked about his statement in Al-Zaman regarding the disarmament of Hamas and the PIJ. He replied as follows (Translations from the original Arabic):

  • The West Bank is one thing, the Gaza Strip is something else . Israel retreated from the Gaza Strip and a dialogue was held to deal with the subjects of weapons [i.e., the PA's attempt to stop armed men from roaming the streets] and security for Palestinian civilians. The West Bank is still occupied and resistance [i.e., terrorist activities] is a legitimate right . However, regarding everything concerning the Gaza Strip, we of the PA have decided that a law will be passed by the legislative council to deal with the carrying of weapons.”

  • During the program he stated several times that the matter of the various organizations' weapons was an internal Palestinian issue which would be dealt with by a dialogue between the PA and the organizations “taking into consideration the position of the PA regarding one weapon and one law…”

  • He also expressed his determined objection to the launching of missiles from the Gaza Strip but did not take a firm stand (and was in fact ambiguous) about launching them from the West Bank . He stated that: “the residents of the Gaza Strip have a right to live in peace. Will a missile fired from Gaza liberate the West Bank ?” The interviewer said: “I understand from what you say that you are in favor of launching missiles at Israel from the West Bank ,” and Rajoub answered: “ I am not in favor of [launching] missiles, but it is our right to resist, to react and to confront the occupation . However, the resistance must follow an agenda we agree on…”

He was then asked whether it had been agreed that the lull would end at the end of 2005. He answered: “No. The lull is part of our national program, and therefore whether or not it ends also depends on a national dialogue. The lull is open and changes according to developments in the field . Its main objective is to maintain local and international momentum, which serves Palestinian interests.” The lull's function, according to Jibril Rajoub, is “ to exert pressure on the criminal Israeli government .”

Statement by Muhammad Dahlan

Muhammad Dahlan (right) at a press conference dealing with the Rafah crossing point
(Photo: Al-Jazeera RV, November 7, 2005)

  • Muhammad Dahlan is minister of civil affairs and among the leaders of second-generation Fatah activists . During a visit to the town of Khan Yunis , he called to strengthen national unity, “ to complete what was achieved in the Gaza Strip. To liberate Jerusalem and the West Bank and for the refugees to take by force the right to return to their houses ” (Palestinian News Agency, November 6, 2005).