Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Quick round up of those who blame Jews for Amman blasts

It is worthwhile to occasionally look at what the terror-supporting morons of the world have to say.
  • "The suicide bombers story was created and spun to cover up the real crime. The real targets of the bombings were Palestinian high ranking officials and Chinese military personnel. "(Did Al-Zarqawi Really Bomb Amman? by Dr. Elias Akleh, globalresearch.ca)
  • "It is now obvious the Amman hotel bombings were a black op executed by Mossad, British intelligence, or the American military, or it was a collaborative effort of all three (suspicion, however, falls on the Israelis, since they have plenty of experience with these sort of operations..."(Amman Bombings: More Suspicious Details, by Kurt Nimmo, uruknet.info)
  • " The fact that few (if any) Israeli Jews have been killed in any of the major terror incidents which have occurred in recent years - despite the fact that the alleged perpetrators are anti-Zionist - is indirect evidence that the bombings are actually being carried out by an Israeli agency, be it the Mossad or some other top secret entity charged with black ops of this nature. Similarly, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the 'al-Qaeda' websites currently being cited in news reports are anything other than undertakings of Israeli intelligence intended to help allay suspicions that the bombings were actually sophisticated operations involving explosives planted inside the hotels." (Israel's latest black op - the most transparent yet?, "socialdemocracynow", Mathaaba.net)

  • "Now, with the ceiling story dismissed and the evacuation of the Israelis prior to the attack story all but extinguished, "we are told these al-Zarqawi militants included a "husband and wife team" and they "carried out the Amman attacks with explosive belts after carefully staking out the hotels for a month," according to The Associated Press. The “suicide bombers” story was cooked up to cover up the real crime." - Who Profited from Amman Bombings, aljazeera.com)