Wednesday, November 23, 2005

MEMRI hits the mark

The existence of MEMRI clearly hits a nerve with Arabs. A recent AlJazeerah.info article lists many very dubious anti-Arab quotes and then says:
The Israeli translation company Memri would translate a sermon of an Imam in a desert outpost that no Muslims outside the outpost itself had heard of. But it does not translate the venom of the settlers' rabbis....
Another recent article out of Saudi Arabia reads from the same script:
Carmon is a former Israeli intelligence officer sent by Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington to establish the translation company MEMRI, which concentrates on obscure Imams of mosques in the Empty Quarter but not the racist diatribes of settler rabbis in Palestinian lands.
Clearly services like MEMRI hit a big nerve with our friends who support and fund terrorism. Not once have I seen them claim that MEMRI mistranslated them, and their critique that MEMRI only quotes "obscure Imams" are slightly contradicted by the fact that the bigotry displayed by the Arab world and translated by MEMRI is broadcast on their TV stations.

Perhaps one day they will evolve to the point that their obvious embarrassment turns into real introspection and change.