Friday, November 04, 2005

Liberal media at its worst

This morning, I picked up the free newspaper "Metro NY" that is given out at subway stops and train stations. Metro is part of a large network of free city newspapers worldwide, and they claim a total of 17 million readers. Its editorial policies are clearly and unflinchingly liberal.

I noticed an article on fringe mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan, with generally straight coverage of his "Rent is Too Damn High" party, saying that he resembles Papa Smurf and talking about his wide smile (also pointing out that his city council candidate was endorsed by the New York Times in 2003.)

Through all 13 paragraphs of this page 2 article, talking about his platform of high rents and his army of volunteers, something seemed to be missing. Then it hit me - they forgot to mention that McMillan is a Jew-hating lunatic!

As of a week or so ago, his web site had some amazing anti-Semitic screeds (that have since been removed) and it is hard to believe that the reporter spent any time with him without hearing some of his hate - since in McMillan's opinion, the entire reason the rent is too high is because of Jews!

You can still see some of his rantings on pages that have not been deleted from his website, such as this one:
After I begging sending Faxes to the News Media in the New York City area in 1990 in attempt to blow the lid on what I’ve uncovered in the (Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn) Quote - Unquote the Jewish Community on what I called at the time the Jewish Mafia. Some how or another they got a hold to my Home Address, Phone Number and so much more all through the License Plates of my Car?

In a desperate attempt Because of the increase of personnel attacks against me I climb to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge (c1993) after someone tried to kill me. The way they came after me I knew I had stumble onto something I couldn’t handle so first I made every attempt to contact Law Enforcement at Federal, Local level, and then I tried to contact every Black person who you have seen on television that they proclaim to represent Black people – everyone, and I’m still waiting to hear from them. When I say everyone I mean everyone, so now there is know need to ask me about anybody.

The corruption in the State of New York in every City, Town, and County goes far deeper than one would imagine. When you the public learn the truth you have all the right to be Pissed-Off, Mad and Angry. Well you are about to learn what many don’t want you to know (I will explain that to you later if you don’t understand what I’m about to show you). I will give you a summary but the full story can be found in the Book I have written that will soon be release Title "The Road Less Traveled".

Remember this is the same group that was Cast Out by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis in 1997 as the Top Leaders of the Jewish people stood together in a News Conference for the New York Times Newspapers who was using the Jewish People as a Shield, Cover to commit their crimes against New Yorkers that I later learn this same group were in fact tied to Al-Qa’Ida, Usama Bin Laden network?. My investigations reveal immediately following the attack on the World Trade Center the strong hole where they were operating out of in the Williamsberg section of Brooklyn were abandon and left to be operated by local Jewish Rabbis.
Now, why exactly would a "reporter" write such a fawning article on someone who is so disgusting? Either he is embarrassingly incompetent, or he didn't feel that it was an important enough part of the story to mention. Either way, it is unbelievable.

UPDATE: I emailed the reporter about this and he asked me for my number so he can call me and explain what happened. Unfortunately I'm busy until Monday, but from his tone it is possible that this was more the fault of the editor rather than the reporter. I am inviting him to write in the comments section here, though.