Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Iranian news exclusive!

The crack reporting team at the Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency have broken a major news story. They found a professor in India that agrees that Israel should be wiped off the map!

At this time, this is one of the major stories on their website.

It's worth reading:
India's Jamia Hamdard University professor of Islamic Studies, Dr. Eshtiyaq Danesh, in an exclusive interview with IRNA's New Delhi correspondent, expressed support for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent remarks that "Israel should be wiped off the world map."
He said the stand taken by the Iranian president that "Israel should be wiped off the world map" is very correct and precise because Israel is an illegal and artificially made country.

Professor Danesh, an expert on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, views Israel as a government which has been sponsoring state terrorism since its creation.

Zionist forces have illegally occupied the land of Palestine with the help of Western powers and are daily committing heinous crimes against innocent Palestinians, he said.

According to this Indian intellectual, Israel does not have any right to survive, and not only Muslims but all freedom and justice- loving people of the world as well would like to see Palestinians liberated in their homeland.

According to the professor, the Zionist regime of Israel has never fullfilled its international obligations since its creation and has not respected and much less implemented any resolution passed by the Security Council or any other international body.

The most important of those resolutions is Resolution No. 242 of the United Nations Security Council which asks Israel to vacate all occupied land, he said.

Further in his talk with IRNA, Dr. Danesh expressed his anguish over Israel's demand that the UN expel Iran from its membership.

He asked: "How can the zionist regime of Israel, which has always defied UN resolutions, now ask this body for removal of some country from its membership?"
"As a humble scholar of Islamic and West Asian studies, I strongly believe that a world without Zionism would be a peaceful and stable world," Danesh concluded.
I just love "intellectuals."