Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Hitler" does well in Fatah elections

A neat fact buried in the bottom of an AP report of Fatah elections (where convicted and wanted terrorists did extremely well):
Two fugitives from Fatah's violent offshoot, the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, also secured high positions. The Jenin winner, Jamal Abu Rob, who gave himself the nickname ``Hitler,'' is wanted for killing several suspected informers with Israel. The Nablus candidate, Jamal Jumaa, is a leader of Al Aqsa in the West Bank's largest city.

In May, Arutz Sheva reported that Fox News interviewed "Hitler":
Another terrorist candidate is wanted Al-Aqsa Brigade chief Jamal Abu Roub, who goes by the nickname “Hitler.”

“Hitler” told Fox News reporter Jeniffer Griffin [sic] that he expects to win a seat because he gives his people “dignity and safety.” Fox News screened footage of Abu Roub publicly executing an Arab accused of helping Israel. He has been running from Israeli security forces, but appeared in public to campaign - with the reporter - assuming Israeli forces would not apprehend him while he spoke with a Western reporter.

Asked whether he thought the nickname “Hitler” would affect his election chances, Roub said, “I got this name because of my personality. I am a guy that has a strong personality and uses violence, if needed, to respond.”
I guess that for Palestinians, publicly identifying with a genocidal mass murderer who killed millions of Jews is a good career move. Just don't call them anti-semitic - they hate that.