Monday, November 14, 2005

Got another one

I don't usually post these stories because others do a better job, but since this was not widely reported it is worth mentioning and praising the IDF for yet another job well done.
IDF troops killed Hamas leader in Nablus, Amjad Hinawi, 34, during a gunbattle which erupted before dawn Monday when soldiers attempted to arrest the fugitive.

Overnight Monday, numerous troops operated in Nablus against the city's terrorist infrastructure and arrested eight Hamas fugitives, Army Radio reported.

Among their aims was to arrest Hinawi, but when gunmen opened fire at the soldiers during the operation, troops returned fire, killing Hinawi.

A Kalashnikov rifle, a handgun and two magazines were found on Hinawi's body.
Ha'aretz adds:
Hanawi is believed to have masterminded several suicide bombings in Israel in the 1990s.

Israel has conducted raids against hideouts of commanders of armed groups on nearly a nightly basis since a suicide bombing late last month killed six Israelis in an open-air market in the town of Hadera.

A number of commanders have been killed, prompting vows of vengeance from the targeted groups, in particular the Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Palestinians have strongly criticized the IDF raids and assassination operations, saying that they have foiled PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' efforts to seek promises of calm from the armed organizations.

Ooooh, not the dreaded "efforts to seek promises of calm"! Abbas must really be serious this time!