Monday, October 17, 2005

Peace Now asks Israelis not to be so angry when they get killed

From Arutz Sheva:
Peace Now has called on the Israeli government to remove a new community outpost set up by Gush Etzion residents in response to Sunday’s Arab attack which killed three Jews and wounded three others.

The group says the new outpost causes “friction” with the Arabs and “endangers IDF soldiers and settlers.”

The group’s leader, Yariv Oppenheimer, has called on Israel to stop its “anger” over the terrorist attack and fight terror by way of “cooperation” with the Palestinian Authority.

I did not see this quote in any other newspaper or in either the Israeli or American "Peace Now" sites, but as I was looking at those sites it struck me that I could not find a single position of that group that would not be wholeheartedly endorsed by Mahmoud Abbas.

Apparently their definition of "peace" does not include any requirements on the Palestinian Arab side of the conflict - demands are strictly for Israel, and the starry-eyed self-deluders are certain that Arabs will be naturally peaceful if Israel just gives them everything they want.

I wonder if they would ever consider asking Arabs not to be angry?