Monday, October 24, 2005

Latest Palestinian Newspeak: Jailed Terrorists are "Prisoners of Freedom"

The official Palestinian transcript of Mahmoud Abbas' Rose Garden photo-op with President Bush includes this howler of a quote from the Holocaust denier:
"In addition to withdrawal of the Israeli forces to positions prior to September 28, 2000, with the removal of the roadblocks, which unfortunately turned the lives of Palestinians into hardship, suffering, humiliation and also, there is a very important sensitive issue, which is the release of prisoners of freedom from Israeli jails."
Oh yes, people who managed to kill Jewish babies are heroes who should be released. A woman who tried to blow up the Israeli hospital that treated her as a humanitarian gesture is a "prisoner of freedom." The most depraved, sickening and racist people on the planet are those who are admired by the vast majority of Palestinian Arabs, led by Mahmoud Abbas.

And President Bush replied:
"I strongly support your rejection of terror and your commitment to what you have called one authority, one law and one gun."
Someone buy this man a clue. He may understand Islamic terror better than almost all Democrats but he seems to have bought into the Palestinian narrative rather than realize that they are indistinguishable from every other Islamic terrorist who threatens every other country on the planet.

Much more in this excellent article by Bret Stephens.