Friday, October 07, 2005

Israel considering more rewards to Abbas in exchange for nothing

How do you treat a terror-supporting, ineffective "leader" with an insatiable laundry list of "demands" and no desire for peace?

Why, give him weapons!

And release terrorists from jail! (Probably to join the "police!")

It is almost unfair to complain when Europe or the US treats bloodthirsty and unrepentant Palestinian Arab terrorists as people worthy of respect - when Israel does the same thing.

One would think that Israel would have learned from past mistakes how stupid and dangerous it is to arm Palestinian "security forces" and to release prisoners. Every previous time this was done, terrorists killed Israelis.

The differences between the PA and Hamas are cosmetic. Both are committed to the destruction of Israel; both have no interest in an independent state for Palestinian Arabs. The more "moderate" party is the one that habitually lies more and is more corrupt.