Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

'We are not going to tolerate chaos after today.'
Abbas to disarm "resistance groups":
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas plans to disarm resistance fighters in the near future, beginning with his own Fatah group's armed wing, a top Abbas aide has said. Although the aide, Rafiq Husseini, provided no timetable, it was the first indication that Abbas would begin to deal with the issue.
Abbas addresses the Palestinian Arabs:
After today, we are not going to hesitate to put an end to all the negative signs and violations of law and order.”

Abbas has said that after January 25 parliamentary elections, which Hamas plans to contest for the first time, the group would no longer need weapons.

There is one thing Abbas is ready for today, however - for Israel to give in to more demands:

Abbas Ready to ‘Engage Immediately’ in Final Status Negotiations