Monday, September 12, 2005

Muslims destroy shuls - world silent

Not a single peep from Palestinian leaders, Americans, Europeans, even Israeli officials.

Pure religious bigotry and intolerance. Pure anti-semitism. Pure hatred. And yet not a single official has the guts to say out loud that these are clearly not a people that can be negotiated with. Not a single person can point out that the vaunted Muslim tolerance of other religions; the supposed Muslim ban on destroying the holy places of other religions is a lie.


Palestinians refer to Israel's not dismantling the synagogues as a "trap" to make them look bad - yet not a single Palestinian official calls for converting the shuls into mosques or even into public buildings that can be used by a supposed nascent Palestinian state.

The world has witnessed pure Muslim depravity and hate yet again. And the world yawns.

Because this is how Palestinian Arabs are expected to act by the people who pretend to be on their side.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom Monday called the Arab burning of Gush Katif synagogues a "barbaric act."

Abbas sees no problem:
"They left empty buildings that used to be temples, but they removed all the religious symbols, and they are no longer religious places," Abbas said.
Somehow, the Palestinian Arabs noticed the symbolism and torched the synagogues first. Perhaps he should have explained to them that they were just ordinary buildings?