Tuesday, September 20, 2005

EU rewarding Palestinians for acting like animals

Since the Palestinian Arabs did such a good job over the past couple of weeks in destroying Gaza's economy and future prospects, smuggling weapons and drugs in from Egypt, burning synagogues, looting, pillaging, creating complete chaos and threatening Israeli Jews with genocide, the EU has decided that they deserve more money.
Brussels - The European Union on Monday announced an increase in aid for the Palestinians this year, saying help is crucial to maintain the peace momentum triggered by Israel's withdrawal from Gaza.

The European Commission, executive arm of the EU which has long been the biggest aid contributor to the Palestinians, (not any Arab country! -EoZ) said it will provide some €280m in aid, bigger than the €250m previously announced.

"Only Israel and Palestine can make peace, but Europe is playing its part in the international quartet to create the environment in which peace can take root," said EU external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

'We are taking very practical action to regenerate Gaza, and help prepare the Palestinians for statehood,' she said.

"Having led the way in support for reform efforts in the Palestinian Authority, we are now helping to lay the foundations for a viable Palestinian economy."

And look how successful their previous outlays of money have been!