Friday, September 16, 2005

Abbas again shows his leadership skills

Palestinian militants punched a new hole in a border wall between Gaza and Egypt on Thursday and hundreds of civilians streamed across, defying efforts by official to plug gaps in the frontier, witnesses said.

Palestinian police stood by as about 50 gunmen from Hamas and the Palestinian Resistance Committees rammed a dump truck into the cement wall, knocking down several large slabs.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, visiting the southern border town of Rafah, said he gave security forces orders to prevent further border infiltrations.

'I have given them instructions to prevent violations whatever they are,' he said.

Mahmoud az-Zahar, the most prominent political leader of Hamas, admits openly that al- Qaeda is putting down roots in Gaza. ((Il Corriere della Sera-Italian, 13Sep05), quoted by Daily Alert)

It is interesting to watch the world leaders and press in denial, still regarding Abbas and something other than a joke, pouring money into the PA black hole and pretending that Abbas actually has any influence over Gaza.

And there were some encouraging words from Egypt:

Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Assem Ibrahim assured Israel that the situation on the border would be addressed and law and order restored. When asked about the weapons-smuggling tunnels, Ibrahim said, "you can be sure that people do not need to smuggle weapons into Gaza, there are enough there already."

No worries, mon!