Friday, June 03, 2005

Syria test-fires 3 Scud missiles

This doesn't bother me too much. It appears to me that it shows Syrian impotence in today's world, and it is designed to give the Syrians a psychological boost as if they still matter.
Syria test-fired three Scud missiles last Friday, including one that broke up over Turkish territory and showered missile parts down onto unsuspecting Turkish farmers, Israeli military officials revealed Thursday.

These were the first such Syrian missile tests since 2001, the Israelis said, and were part of a Syrian missile development project using North Korean technology and designed, the Israelis contend, to deliver air-burst chemical weapons. The missiles included one older Scud B, with a range of about 185 miles, and two Scud D's, the Israelis say they believe, with a range of about 435 miles.