Friday, June 24, 2005

Report: U.S. Government Funds Terrorism-Promotion

Not too surprising, given that Hamas and Al Aqsa have to get their money from somewhere, and the only places they get money from are the US and EU since Saddam's generous terror support dried up....

An Israeli watchdog group alleges that American aid to Palestinian universities and cities promotes terrorism.

A report to be released Friday by Palestinian Media Watch singles out the U.S. Agency for International Development, contending that it has ignored new congressional restrictions that the group helped craft last year on aid money. Specifically, the report points to American development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza that funds universities with student chapters of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which have funded roadwork for streets renamed to commemorate suicide bombers and television programming that encourages hatred of Jews.

A USAID spokeswoman yesterday said that procedures are in place to make sure that in-kind donations to Palestinian institutions are not diverted to terrorism. But the report has already drawn attention from Capitol Hill, where Palestinian Media Watch's director, Itamar Marcus, is scheduled to testify Friday before the House International Relations Committee on his findings.