Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June 7, 1938: Thousands of Viennese Jews sent to Dachau

Besides its usefulness as a resource in researching the early history of Israel, the Palestine Post is also a remarkable (and often shocking) record of the events leading up to the Holocaust, as it had extensive coverage of the situation of Jews in Europe.

What is perhaps surprising is how widespread the knowledge of the persecutions of Jews were prior to the war. It is often assumed that the Nazis hid their crimes during the war and that the world had no idea such things could be happening. But the world apparently didn't care too much when stories like these came out before the war (it was not even the top story in the Palestine Post in this issue.)

Notice how the newspaper assumes without fear of contradiction that Dr. Paul Schott was murdered by the Nazis on the train to Dachau.

In the same issue was the news that 82-year old Sigmund Freud managed to leave Austria to live in England.