Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Israel buys huge tool to destroy tunnels

OK, a purely defensive device, won't hurt anyone, designed to stop people from bringing in weapons to kill Jews.

How long before we see Palestinians and terror-supporters complaining about it, under the guise of "human rights" or "religious tolerance" or something similar?

The Israel Defense Forces have found a way to block the tunnels Palestinians dig under the Gaza-Egypt border to smuggle in weapons by using a huge trench-digging machine, according to a military publication.

The 100-ton behemoth would dig deep channels along the border route Israel patrols, exposing the tunnels, the soldiers' weekly 'Bamahane' reports in its current edition.

The new trenching machine, made U.S. company Trencor Inc., might provide at least an interim answer to the smuggling problem by neutralizing tunnels now in operation.

A small picture of the machine in the weekly shows the 'Trencor' logo on the side of the yellow vehicle, sporting a snout designed to dip deep into the ground to dig trenches.

The weekly said only that the machine arrived disassembled from Texas and is now being put together. It will be operational 'in the coming weeks,' it said.