Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Islam is more a political ideology than a religion

One of the reasons that the West treats Islam with kid gloves is because of our understandable desire for world-wide freedom of religion. But when religion becomes more than a personal or community-based belief system and turns into a worldwide political philosophy (and a very bigoted and ugly one, at that) then the free world has no obligation to treat it like a religion, rather it should be treated the way that fascism is treated - with no tolerance.

The latest evidence that Islam is not acting like a religion comes from this latest demand:
Islamic states want permanent seat on UN Security Council
Foreign ministers of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) opened a meeting with a call for a Muslim permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

OIC secretary general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu urged a greater role for Muslim countries in world affairs and demanded a 'permanent representation for the Islamic world on the UN Security Council'.

'The Islamic world, which represents one fifth of total mankind, cannot remain excluded from the activities of the Security Council which assumes a fundamental role in keeping security and peace in the world,' he said Tuesday.

Notice that they aren't saying that any single Islamic state should be represented.

Notice how they wouldn't support India (which is also seeking membership in the Security Council), even though it has more Muslims than any other nation - because it is not an "Islamic state."

Notice how they put aside all their many political differences in order to push their agenda of increasing Islamic influence on the world.

The West needs to wake up and treat Islam on a geopolitical level the way that it treats all other oppressive and bigoted ideologies. The fig leaf of "religion" should not protect today's Islam.