Tuesday, May 03, 2005

PLO Political Director: Violence the only way

Once again, the leading "political" Palestinian faction shows its true colors.

And once again, the Western press ignores such "moderate" statements because it doesn't fit into the script that the press prefers to peddle.

Farouq Al-Qaddumi: I don't trust Israel. Israel can only be opposed with bullets. This is the only way. As I've said, I support the truce, or rather, the 'calming down.' I say that after every difficult struggle, people must go back to their daily lives.

Interviewer: What about the amendments to the PLO charter? Amendments were made in order to start negotiations…

Farouq Al-Qaddumi: I do not accept any amendments, made in 1996, to the charter. We who opposed the Oslo Accord do not accept any change to the charter.