Thursday, May 05, 2005

PA: We don't have to honor commitments, only Israel does

How long before the world pressures Israel to continue making concessions despite the PA's explicit announcement that terrorists will remain heroes?

Oh, sorry, it has already been happening for decades.

The Palestinian Authority reiterated Wednesday it had no intention of disarming militants despite constant Israeli calls for such a move and a recent pledge to crack down on unlicensed weapons.

The announcement came amid growing friction between armed factions and security forces following the arrest of two Hamas men after a gunfight Monday night. The militants were accused of planning to attack Israel in defiance of a cease-fire.

'We have no intention of withdrawing arms of resistance,' Rashid Abu Shbak, the head of the internal Preventive Security Service, told a news conference in Gaza.

Abu Shbak specifically rejected Israel's request for a start to disarmament before it hands over the last three of five West Bank cities it was to return to Palestinian security control under a February truce agreement.