Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm so vain

Yours truly gets mentioned twice in the latest roundup of the Jewish blogosphere, this week called Havale Havawlim #22, hosted by Mystical Paths.

The first question is, which will end up with more spelling variants - Chanukah/Hanuka/Xannucah or H[a|e|o|ah]v[a|ai|ay|ei|eigh][l|ll][e] H[a|ah|o]v[aw|a|e|ah|o][l|ll][i|y][m|mm]?

And the second question is, will my streak of consecutive mentions ever threaten Joe Dimaggio's consecutive game hit record?

Anyway, the honored article this week was this one. (I didn't even self-nominate - I dunno, it just doesn't feel right.) Callie has suggested that I write a book about the history of pre-Israel Palestine based solely on Palestine Post archives, and I have to admit that the idea is appealing. I doubt that I could find the time, but if members of any publishing house out there that stumbles onto this small are darkly lit corner of the blogosphere want to contact me, I won't hang up on them.

The rest of HH is quite good, reflecting the spiritual side of the two holy-looking bearded gentlemen who run Mystical Paths.