Friday, May 06, 2005

Engagement/Disengagement Blog

Yoel Ben-Avraham has set up a blog with this stated purpose:

It is my firm personal belief that the manner in which the "debate" is being managed is potentially more damaging to the future of Israeli's society than any other aspect of this inner conflict! The polarization and acrimoniousness is reaching new levels never before experienced. Whether the "Disengagement" takes place or not, we all have to continue living together in the same country the day after.

I'm realistic to recognize that reading articles or ewxchanging emails is unlikely to change people's log held opinions, but possibly it might open participants up, if not to agreement, as least a better understanding of the other side, where they are coming from and why! In a real way I would have prefered to call the site "Engagement". I challenge all sides of the "Disengagement" debate to "engage" their oponents in words and with reason.

I invite you to join others and myself in what appears to be a unique initiative in an atmosphere of growing divisiveness. Join me in encouraging all sides to this debate to contribute their views to one central forum where we hope to encourage:
  • every opinion to be represented
  • everyone with an opinion to be represented
  • honest and open dialog between all sides
I strongly agree with the stated purposes of the blog. I only had a chance to glance at it as of yet; it appears to be more heavily weighted against disengagement rather than for, at this point. But it is indeed true that the biggest danger is not the actual decision to stay/leave Gaza but the divisions that are occurring in Israel as a result of the debate (and actions to stifle debate.)

So check it out!