Friday, April 22, 2005

What bothers me about the Jewish Blogosphere (A Pesach post)

Although I am barely a part of the J-Blogosphere community and I keep this blog mostly for issues dealing with Israel and anti-semitism, I've been bothered by what I've been seeing posted on other Jewish blogs.

There is very little ahavas Yisroel in the Jewish blog world. (Sorry, "ahavat Yisrael" for those who flame about Ashkenazic pronunciation.)

The prominent blogs are very top heavy with denunciations of the political right or left, of Haredim, of prominent rabbis, of non-religious, of the current Israeli government, of the religious Zionists, of the religious establishment and organizations, of those whose ideas of Judaism differ from their own. Few of the J-blogs show any respect whatsoever for those they disagree with in the Jewish world.

Now, cynicism and insults usually make a blog more entertaining but I am afraid that the net result is more negative than positive. I am very appreciative that through reading these blogs I become more aware of problems in other parts of the Jewish world, whether they are cultural or organizational. Being willfully blind is not desirable. But the problems that exist should be presented as problems that need to be solved, not as issues that give us reasons to insult or denounce our co-religionists. Full disclosure does not give carte blanche to being condescending.

We may disagree as to what is the best way to act in religious/cultural/organizational/interpersonal/political issues, but we need to recognize that the other side is almost always acting in good faith as to what they think is the best way to act.

And achdus/achdut is what we need more than ever, for Pesach and beyond.

Have a great Yom Tov, everyone.