Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Shin Bet foils Museum attack

One wonders how much of the current "calm" is from Palestinians really agreeing to halt attacks and how much is from the excellent work of Israeli intelligence.
Security authorities have foiled a plan in February to stage a terror attack at the Armored Corps Museum at Latrun, near the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway.

The story was cleared for publication Monday.

The General Security Service says a Popular Front cell planned to dispatch two suicide bombers and a car bomb to the busy tourist site.

Yousef George Daoud, 27, was arrested in February on suspicion of masterminding the plot, which also included Nadel Mahmed Yousef Abu Alma and Fahmi Basil Avodi, who were detained in January.

Under investigation, the trio admitted they were planning the attack. They picked the site because one of the terrorists was familiar with the area from a former job at the nearby Trappist Monastery.