Sunday, April 10, 2005

"Jewish extremists"

A search on news.google.com for the words "Jewish extremists" finds 1750 entries as of Sunday night.

And what extreme thing are these Jews doing? Are they assassinating anybody? Are they exploding bombs? Perhaps they are throwing stones at innocent civilians? Are they preaching for the genocide of entire population groups? Maybe stabbing bystanders? Shooting at soldiers?

Well, from reading the articles it appears that they are trying to peacefully rally in the area of the holiest Jewish site in the world. I have not seen any threats to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque, I have not seen any threats on anyone or anything besides possibly the democratic change of Israel's government. How extreme!

If any Arabs would be acting in exactly the same way, they would be hailed as moderates. Actually, Arabs who deny the Holocaust and support the deaths of Jews are also called moderates.

And the people who name these people "extremists" are not only the usual Israel bashers, but the Israeli government itself.