Monday, April 11, 2005

EU actually demands something from PA

The 80 rockets and mortars fired into Jewish communities are of course fine, but the death penalty for Palestinians? That is too much for the EU elite.

Notice also the usual Reuters lies sprinkled around the article.
The dozens of Palestinians sitting on death row can breathe easier since the European Union, the biggest aid donor to the Palestinian territories, raised an uproar over a move by President Mahmoud Abbas to carry out 15 executions.

'We put them on hold after a number of visiting European prime ministers and foreign ministers told Abbas he would risk a freeze in EU reconstruction aid if the executions were carried out,' a senior Palestinian official told Reuters.

Emma Udwin, spokeswoman for EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, denied any threat to withdraw or suspend aid. 'But we have underlined to them how strongly we are opposed to the death penalty,' she said.

Aides said Abbas was keen not to endanger EU diplomatic and financial support key to Palestinians' hope for reconstruction and eventual statehood on Israeli-occupied land, where they have halted a ruinous uprising and begun an open-ended cease-fire.

But Abbas, a moderate who succeeded the late Yasser Arafat on a platform of peace talks, is also sensitive to a domestic clamor for executions to better rein in murderous armed gangs and deter Palestinians from spying for Israel.