Friday, March 18, 2005

Palestinians blast PA giving luxury cars to legislators

"Yes, this money would be better spent given directly to the families of those that kill Israelis!"
The Palestinian Authority's decision to purchase more than 100 new vehicles for all members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the new cabinet has drawn sharp criticism from some Palestinians.

The PA s 24 ministers will each receive a German Audi A-6 car, which costs $76,000. The 86 lawmakers will be given the cheaper version of Audi, the A-4, which costs an estimated $45,000.

Palestinian columnist Yahya Rabah on Thursday attacked the decision to buy the expensive vehicles at a time when the PA is cutting expenditure in many fields, and can't pay police salaries.
'How will we explain the decision to pay only $1,500 to the families whose houses have been demolished or blown up?'"