Monday, March 07, 2005

Hypocrisy of releasing prisoners while PA executes "collaborators"

I was wondering why nobody seems to care about "collaborators" who are planned to be executed by the peace-loving PA this month.

In an urgent plea to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Minister-without Portfolio Natan Sharansky said the government must demand that the Palestinian Authority immediately stop the execution of those alleged to have collaborated with Israel.

'Israel must immediately demand of the PA that it stop the planned execution of suspected collaborators,' he wrote. 'It is unacceptable that the PA demands the release of terrorists from our jails, and we respond affirmatively because of the hope for an opening to peace, while at the very same time the PA is about to commit state executions of people accused of helping Israel thwart terror.'

He appealed to Sharon following a report that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is expected to approve the execution of collaborators. According to this report, the director of the PA Military Court advised that between five and 15 Palestinians are expected to be executed. The mufti of Jerusalem has confirmed this report.

'It is impossible to build a peace process based on blood. Such a process can only be based on the goodwill of both sides.

The cold-blooded execution of those individuals accused of cooperating to deflect terror directly contradicts the gestures demanded of Israel, tramples human rights, and with it any spark of hope for a better future in the Middle East,' Sharansky wrote.