Thursday, March 17, 2005

EU investigates itself, finds itself innocent

This is so stupid it borders on self-parody. The EU "investigates" whether the PA used EU funds for terror, and finds it cannot determine that the PA did anything wrong - because the PA has no records!

Hmmm..The PA got billions of dollars and has nothing to show for it. But where could all of this money gone?

And is there the slightest chance that this distinguished EU commission decided to look at the question from the other side - where did the terror groups get their money from? Is there the possibility that they ignored the records that Israel had of Arafat transferring funds directly to terrorists? Any chance they even referred to the smoking gun documents surrounding the Karine-A?

Nah...that would be a little too inconvenient.

The European Union's anti-fraud office said Thursday that it has found no conclusive evidence that EU aid to the Palestinian Authority was diverted to fund terror groups or anti-Israel propaganda.

The independent European Anti-Fraud Office, known as OLAF, said its investigators found that it was necessary to continue to include financial safeguards in aid packages to the Palestinians.

The probe was opened in February 2003 following charges from European Parliament members that EU aid from 2000 to 2002 had been wasted or diverted to support anti-Israel propaganda or terrorism.

'The investigation has found no conclusive evidence of support of armed attacks or unlawful activities financed by the European Commission's contributions,' OLAF said in a statement.
'However, the possibility of misuse of the Palestinian Authority's budget and other resources, cannot be excluded, due to the fact that the internal and external audit capacity in the Palestinian Authority is still underdeveloped,' it added."

It sounds like the esteemed committee couldn't find a single French franc in the hands of an Al Aqsa terrorist that had the inscription: "This money is meant for a hospital in Ramallah."