Sunday, January 30, 2005

Tale of two refugee groups

About 600,000 Pal refugees from Israel in 1948.

About 600,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries 1948-1952. The Arabs confiscate all their property, valued in the millions of dollars.

Pals go into refugee camps after their Arab brethren refuse to take them in.

Jews go to Israel where they are welcomed with open arms.

The Arab world is virtually without Jews.

Israel gives citizenship to a million Palestinians.

Pals grow up in sewage under UN auspices.

Jews, although discriminated against at first, become productive members of society.

Pals blame Israel for their problems.

Jews become cab drivers, store owners, farmers and politicians.

Pals remain in camps for over fifty years, in Lebanon, Syria and in the West Bank and Gaza, where they learn terror and hate. Their Arab brethren work hard to keep them in subhuman conditions. Any attempts to move them out of camps and into normal houses and apartments are vehemently opposed by other Arabs. Saudi oil billions go towards Palestinian terror rather than making Palestinian lives easier.

The Jews live in a democracy. Although they started out penniless, they now contribute mightily to Israel's economy.

Who is responsible for the welfare of the Jewish refugees?

Who is responsible for the welfare of the of the Arab refugees?