Sunday, January 16, 2005

Muslim conspiracy theory of the day

From the ever-popular Tehran Times comes this startling example of Israel's expansionism. Yes indeedy, Israel is setting up "settlements" in Turkey!

Some stuff just can't be parodied. -EoZ

Qatar-based satellite television network Al-Jazeera reported last Sunday that the Zionist regime has made a proposal to establish a Jewish settlement in Turkey in southeastern Anatolia.

The proposal also called for a joint agricultural venture in the region.

The Turkish daily Yeni Shafak confirmed the report and wrote that Ankara does not have a positive view of the proposal, adding that Turkey’s National Security Council has revealed that the region Israel has picked is one of the country’s most fertile areas.

A wave of concern swept over Turkish citizens and political circles after the news was reported, since the Zionist regime’s current policies remind them of Israel’s usurpation of Palestinian territories and its slogan about the so-called Greater Israel: “From the Nile to the Euphrates”.

In its Aug. 25, 2004 edition, Yeni Shafak wrote that the Zionists are planning to purchase parcels of lands and immovable property in eastern and southeastern Turkey.

According to the paper, Turkey’s intelligence and security organizations are closely studying Israel’s policy.

In June 2004, the Turkish magazine Nokta warned the Ankara administration of the risks entailed by Israel’s plans.

The magazine disclosed that 60 Jewish people living in southeastern Anatolia where a dam is under construction, goaded on by the Zionist regime, purchased some plots of land with a total area of 423 square kilometers, i.e., half the size of Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul.

Israel is now asking for permission to invest in Turkey’s irrigation projects under the pretext of sharing its great experience in the field of agriculture, noted the periodical.

However, Israel’s top priority in the region is taking control of Turkey’s water resources.

Many Turkish political analysts view Israel’s measures as a serious threat to their country’s national security and have voiced their deep concern about the Zionist regime’s activities in northern Iraq.

Indeed, Israel’s recent proposals have worried political circles in Turkey much more than before.

Clearly, Turkey will face a serious predicament if it does not deal with the issue promptly and decisively.