Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pals increase ties to Syria

DAMASCUS - Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Shaath held talks in Damascus Wednesday with his Syrian counterpart Farouk Al-Sharaa, in the latest sign of improving bilateral ties between the Palestine National Authority (PNA) and Syria.

Shaath arrived in Damascus from Beirut late Tuesday to be the highest-level Palestinian official to visit the Syrian capital since early 1990s.

He said his visit was part of efforts to improve bilateral ties. “We have discussed all means to boost Syrian-Palestinian relations at all levels,” Shaath said.

Shaath also held talks in the Syrian capital with other senior government officials on ways of improving bilateral relations.

Speaking to reporters after meeting Al-Sharaa, Shaath voiced optimism at the resumption of official ties with Syria, saying he sensed that the Syrians and Palestinians shared the same political strategy.

“We speak to the world in one language,” he said, adding, “We are also aware of all the dangers facing Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and the Arab nation.”