Monday, October 04, 2004

Just in case someone thinks that Hansen is not a complete lying Jew-hater....

From the Jerusalem Post, April 1, 2003:

Terrorist organizations in Palestinian-controlled areas, as well as in Syria and Lebanon, take advantage of UNRWA workers and their vehicles to transport arms and terrorists, according to a document drawn up by defense establishment officials.

The document notes that Palestinian terrorists in Israeli custody admitted using UNRWA facilities, equipment, and vehicles to assist in carrying out terror attacks, knowing that UNRWA personnel are able to travel in Israel and Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, as well as in Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere, without being subjected to security checks.

The report focuses on UNRWA employee Nahed Rashid Ahmed Attalah, 38, a resident of Jabaliyah in the Gaza Strip, who was arrested last August by security forces as he returned from Egypt.

Attalah first began working for UNRWA in 1987 as a director of food supplies for Gaza Strip refugees. He was provided with a UN vehicle and issued a UN laissez-passer that entitled him to unrestricted travel in the region. According to the report Attalah admitted to investigators that he used his car to transport terrorists and arms.

Attalah told investigators that he was repeatedly asked by officials of Fatah's Popular Resistance Committee to drive them in his UN car as it was never subjected to IDF inspections. He also made use of his laissez-passer to travel to Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria where he contacted officials of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, received funds, and transferred arms.