Monday, October 18, 2004

Jew-Hating Videos on Palestinian TV for Kids

Short indoctrination clips and music videos for children, promoting violence as an ideal that is expected of them, were broadcast daily on PATV, often for several hours a day, during the period of conflict, Oct. 2000 - mid 2003.
The following are several examples from among many:

Song and Dance to Violence:
This MTV style music video from PA TV calls upon children to attack Israelis with stones: “You will not be saved, Oh Zionist, from the volcano of my county’s stones” and is sung to scenes of children throwing stones and participating in frenzied "war dances”. [PA TV Mar. 2002- June 2003, repeatedly]

Music Video to Children: Fight and "Don't be Afraid"

This PA TV music video instructs children to attack soldiers with stones and attempts to allay their fears. "Don"t be Afraid" the 10 year old sings to the 5 year old repeatedly. "The stone in their hand turns into a rifle..."
This was broadcast repeatedly 2000 - 2003.

Teaching Children they can Destroy Israeli Symbols.
One of the most frequently broadcast PA music videos over 3 years teaches children that throwing stones at Israelis defends mother's honor. In one scene young boys throw stones at a glass window - smashing Jewish symbols and extinguishing the flames on a Menorah [Jewish Traditional Candelabra], teaching children that their stones are stronger than Judaism.

PA Teaches Young Children to Replace Toys with Rocks:
Young Palestinian boys and girls taught to replace their trucks and dolls with rocks [PA TV May 2, 2001]

Kill all the Jews - Words of Palestinian Teenager on TV:
A teenage girl calls for the killing of Jews: “We won't leave a single Jew here.” [PA TV Oct. 22, 2000]

PA Children Taught to be Combatants - Visual Messages
In the very same week that the Palestinian Journalists Union “banned journalists from photographing Palestinian children carrying weapons ... [because] the pictures harm the Palestinian cause” [AP, Jerusalem Post Aug. 26, 2002] PA TV interviewed a child in his home - and for the purpose of the interview - he held a Kalatchnikov automatic rifle. The media regularly shows pictures of children with weapons.
[PA TV Aug. 23, 2002]