Saturday, October 09, 2004

Iraqi arrested in Nashville for terror

The F.B.I. says it has foiled a terrorist plot in Nashville by arresting a man who bought automatic weapons at a local Krispy Kreme donut shop on Thompson Lane.

33-year-old Ahmed Hassan Al-Uqaily was caught Thursday after buying machine guns, handguns, ammunition and hand grenades from an undercover agent.

He told investigators he was angry with the Jewish community, but as far as Channel 4 knows, there was not a specific target.

Channel 4 News’ Susan Harding reported that Al-Uqaily has lived in Nashville since 1991 and lived at at least four different addresses. His name has often appeared in the media over the last few months as an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq.

Federal authorities said Friday they arrested Al-Uqaily during a sting operation set up after he made threats about "going Jihad."