Friday, September 03, 2004

Terror Tunnel Discovered In Time

IDF forces, whose tireless and unsung efforts have resulted in the uncovering of some 100 arms-smuggling tunnels over the past four years, made one of their most dramatic finds last night.

They uncovered a tunnel ten meters deep and 14 meters long leading from an Arab village towards the Jewish community of Kfar Darom. 'Another few days of work, and a terrible catastrophe could have occurred here,' said Kfar Darom resident Asher Mivtzari.

The tunnel was discovered leading from the home of an Arab family, and steps had already been dug leading towards Kfar Darom, very near by. The IDF announced that it would have enabled terrorists to perpetrate an attack in the heart of the Jewish town.

A similar tunnel was discovered several weeks ago leading to Netzarim, another Jewish community in Gaza. A tunnel of this nature was used in a major bombing attack against an IDF outpost in the area, leading miraculously to only one death.

IDF forces demolished two five-story buildings in the PLO-controlled city of Khan Yunis this morning, just south of Gush Katif in Gaza. The buildings, and other ones near them, were/have been used for the launching of Kassam rockets and mortar shells at Jewish targets. "