Wednesday, September 08, 2004

State Dept sends mixed signals on fighting terror

Powell opposes attack on Hamas training camp: Secretary of State Colin Powell disapproved Tuesday of an Israeli helicopter attack on a Hamas training camp in Gaza. 'Retaliation is not a solution' to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he said.

State Dept:
  • At this point, we're still trying to chase down the remarks and see what he actually said and whether he actually said what's been reported. Certainly, if the remarks are reported accurately, if he indeed did say this, then we would certainly find those kinds of comments unacceptable. There's nothing that can justify the kind of terrorism, the kind of bus bombings and other things that are attributed to Hamas recently.
  • We've made very clear these groups need to be put out of business. We've made very clear the Palestinian leaders need to take hold of this problem, need to get the authority and take immediate and credible steps to end terror and violence. The time for explanations, excuses and discussion is long past. We think it's time to see some action that sends a clear message that terrorists will not be tolerated.

And Colin Powell on the Today show this morning said "You don't negotiate with child-killers." - speaking of course about Beslan. Somehow he seems to have the illusion that the Palestinian Authority does not fit that definition.