Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Reuters openly supports Hamas

Here is my letter to Reuters:

In your article which can be seen on Yahoo at http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/nm/20040901/wl_nm/mideast_hamas_dc besides the sickening bias that permeates the article making it look like a recruitment letter for Hamas (praising it's will to shed Israeli blood, etc.) also had a number of falsehoods and misrepresentations:
  • There has not been a 6-month lull in suicide attacks, rather in *successful* suicide attacks *in Israel's pre-1967 borders*. Israel has intercepted many would-be bombers and suicide belts over the past 6 months. And there have been other attacks, including a suicide bomber on Sunday in Gaza killing 4. I know you don't consider settlers or Israeli soldiers to be human, but others may beg to differ. You should pretend to be unbiased occasionally.
  • Your paragraph " Palestinians regard the barrier, which the World Court has ruled illegal, as a grab of occupied land they want for a state. The World Court has ruled it is illegal." seems a little redundant. Perhaps if you would learn English better it would not appear that you are following Saudi news policy quite so closely.
  • You state, as fact, "the deaths of at least 3,000 compatriots killed by Israel" - a number which Israel disputes and which seemingly includes suicide bombers, "collaborators" and "work accidents" where Palestinians kill themselves or each other as being "killed by Israel." I suppose that you use the Palestinian definition of "martyr" are meaning "killed by the Zionist state" but, again, the facts show otherwise. Israel can list the name of every Palestinian killed - can your sources who claim "over 3000"? It may be a good idea to get off the editorial soapbox and try reporting - find out the real numbers, without mindlessly repeating Palestinian propaganda as truth.
The article was sickening in tone and reckless with facts. No wonder your "news" service is known as "al-Reuters."