Friday, September 10, 2004

Hate Music Video on PA TV: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Kids (Link to Video)

Music videos around the world are intended for children's entertainment.
But the Palestinian Authority (PA) uses music videos as a tool to promote
hatred and violence among Palestinian children. In recent months, PA TV has
increased the frequency of hate broadcasting aimed at children.

One example of this escalation is the repeated broadcast this month of a
30-second music video depicting Israeli soldiers as cold-blooded murderers.

In this fictitious scene, children are seen playing soccer, while actors
portraying Israeli soldiers wearing yarmulkes (skullcaps) watch them from
the side. Suddenly one of the soldiers moves over to the children and,
after attempting to steal the ball, hits one of the children. The other
children turn against the soldier and chase him away. He then grabs his
automatic rifle, takes careful aim and fires at the children.
Other fictitious PA hate videos directed at children include:

- Scenes of children playing soccer when the ball explodes in their faces;

- A girl on a swing who turns into a burning inferno;

- Soldiers throwing an old man to the ground and then shooting him in the

- A blind infant carried by his mother; when she is murdered by Israeli
soldiers, they fall to the ground together;

- and many others.

The result of all this hate indoctrination is a generation of Palestinian
children who have been convinced by the PA leadership that Israel is
intentionally murdering civilians, especially children. The PA is creating
for its children a moral equivalence between PA terror, which deliberately
targets civilians in buses and cafes, and Israel's defensive war, in which
some civilians have been inadvertently killed. This hate promotion is
creating a generation of children who are filled with hatred for Israelis,
and who see killing Israelis as legitimate because they are convinced that
Israel is also targeting civilians.

The more this hate promotion continues, the more entrenched the Palestinian
children's hatred becomes, and the bleaker the prospects for peace in the
next generation.

Watch the video