Sunday, September 25, 2011

For the 10,000th time, Hamas confirms its dedication to jihad

Every once in a while some credulous Western journalist, or politician, or UN special rapporteur, breathlessly reports that they spoke to a Hamas leader who assured them that the group is ready to offer a cease fire/accept a two-state solution/name your wishful thinking here.

The funny thing is that it takes no effort whatsoever to read Hamas' own views on the matter.

From the Al Qassam website:

The Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement says that it can not abandon the path of jihad and resistance and its dedication to the martyrs with their blood and their sacrifice.

Mr. al-Masri expressed the keenness of his movement this evening during a speech organized by the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the Jihad Abu Shahid mosque in the Sawyerh Zawaida village in the central Gaza Strip, on the eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of leader Abu Jihad Qassam Sawyerh.

The deputy Palestinian Legislative Council member said that the continuation of the Zionist siege is a form of the conspiracies being hatched against the Palestinian people to undermine their dignity and freedom.
Really hard to misinterpret this.