Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fatah moving towards Iran?

David Bedein points to a Middle East Newsline article that claims that Fatah leaders have been engaged in talks with Iran:
At a time when the United States and other western nations are demanding that all nations initiate sanctions against Iran, the Middle East Newsline has confirmed that the American-sponsored Palestinian Authority (PA) and its ruling Fatah movement has been quietly moving toward closer relations with Iran.

Senior Fatah members have been conducting a dialogue with Iran and its Hezbollah militia. The sources said the Fatah leaders have sought Iranian financing and diplomatic support.

"We have seen how Iranian support has helped Hamas everywhere in the Arab and Islamic world," a Palestinian source said. "Fatah wants the same thing."

Palestinian security commanders have endorsed a PA approach to Iran. The sources said several commanders called for Iranian cooperation in a proposal submitted to PA President Mahmoud Abbas in mid-2008.

"Iran has been paying more than 150 Fatah fighters..." the source said. "Iran can afford to be choosy."
I would like to see a bit more evidence. The hatred that Fatah sympathizers have exhibited on Arabic websites towards "Shi'ites" and Hamas for exactly this sort of thing has been pretty strong.

Still, this is something to keep an eye on.