Friday, August 18, 2006

PalArabs keep killing each other and blaming Israel

Dying and lying:

Near Jenin, 2 terrorists were killed, one critically injured as they were preparing a bomb belt that went off a bit earlier than they intended.

A 14-year old boy was killed Wednesday night during clashes between Fatah and Hamas. The "security forces" were there to "protect" a house of mourning.

Also on Wednesday night, a Hamas terrorist was killed from a "mysterious explosion" that happened in his house (as he was preparing explosives to kill Jews.)

Not dead (yet) but notable: another set of injuries from someone shooting a rifle at a wedding, including a 13-year old boy shot in the head.

So our running total of Palestinian Arabs killed by other Palestinian Arabs since Israel's incursion in Gaza is at 58.

I just quickly went through the list of deaths from PCHR since they have been keeping records and saw that between February and late June, about 56 other Palestinian Arabs had died from clan clashes, "misuse of weapons" and "work accidents." So I am aware of 114 PalArabs killed by other PalArabs since February, and one can assume many dozens more between last August and February (not to mention any later deaths from previously-reported injuries that were not updated at the PCHR site.) A good guess would be between 150-200 Palestinian Arabs killed by their own.

Why is this important? Because the Palestinian Arab "news" agency WAFA just came out with this press release:
GAZA, August 17, 2006 (WAFA)- Ministry of Health (MOH) announced Thursday that 378 citizens were killed and 1385 wounded since the Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip (GS)

In a press releas, Minister Dr. Basim Na'im revealed that 91 children, under the age of 18, were among the killed, while 494 children were wounded.

He pointed out that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), continued its aggression over this year against the West Bank, where135 citizens were killed, and 1905 were wounded, including 757 children.

He added that the Israeli army used lethal weapons, bombs and missiles which are internationally prohibited.

Dr. Na'im called on the international community, namely the United Nations and HR organisations, World Health Organisation, International Committee of the Red Cross to shoulder responsibilities and to immediately intervene to pressurise Israel to end its brutal aggression against defenseless citizens.

It is a reasonable assumption that the Ministry of Health is not distinguishing between those killed by Israel and those killed by Palestinian Arabs. It is also a reasonable assumption that they are not distinguishing between civilians and terrorists.

Which means that probably roughly half of those killed, based on PCHR's own numbers, were not killed by Israel forces - but by Arabs themselves! The press release was purposefully deceptive in blaming Israel wholly for these deaths, when in fact Israel has probably accidentally killed fewer civilians than PalArabs themselves have in that same time period!