Thursday, August 31, 2006

Extrajudicial Killing of PRC leader

Early this morning, Ra'ed Mohammad El-Nahhal was killed. El-Nahhal was a leader in the "Naser Salah El-Deen Brigades," which is the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees.

While he was driving his car at the time, it was not a Zionist helicopter or drone that sent a missile down his throat, but some other PalArab pumped several bullets into his head.

Which means that the unfortunate El-Nahhal will not get a huge funeral with people waving terror flags; Reuters will not be sending any cameramen to photograph his remains; there will be no car swarm; his family will not get thousands of dollars from Iran or Saudi Arabia; no posters of El-Nahhal will be printed up and plastered all over "refugee camps"; he will have no streets or stadiums named after him; no international human rights organizations will scream about "extrajudicial killings" in their self-congratulatory press releases, no one will protest his killers. People who want to Google him will only find mention at the PCHR site and a Zionist blog.

Poor guy had the misfortune to be murdered by a Palestinian Arab. And no one cares when that happens - it is a dog-bites-man story.

We are now at 64 PalArabs killed by their own people (that I know of) in the two months since the Israeli incursion began.

UPDATE: The PRC is blaming the death on hitmen hired by Israel. So if any PalArab is stupid enough to believe that (is it even a question?) he still has a shot at fame and martyrdom!

Allah be praised!