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From Ian:

The Palestinian Solidarity Statement I’d like to see
We understand that religious fanatics are not the only abusers of Palestinian Arab children, that the quasi-secular Palestinian Authority (PA) operates an education system designed to inculcate in them a xenophobic hatred for the Jewish “Other.”

Yasser Arafat boasted in 2002 that dead children are “the greatest message to the world,” and in 2020, Fatah party leader Jibril Rajoub declared, “We are prepared to sacrifice our children.”

We remember how the Palestinian cultural leaders used children’s entertainment to instill hatred, like the infamous Tomorrow’s Pioneers program with Farfour, the Jew-hating version of Mickey Mouse. We recoiled in horror as the curriculum of hatred became more elaborate throughout the 21st century, and we shuddered as text books, comic books, cartoons, and music videos were used to twist young minds.

We know too that this barbaric indoctrination continues today, even in the United Nations schools which Hamas uses to store weapons. Therefore, we unequivocally condemn every educator who participates in the brainwashing of Palestinian children, be they Hamas teachers, Fatah teachers, or U.N. teachers. As a song from another era put it: “Hey teachers, leave them kids alone!”

Finally, we condemn militant anti-Zionists in the West who exploit Palestinian Arab children to demonize the Jewish state. Among the worst such offenders is the New York Times which on May 26, used images of dead Palestinian children to sell papers, even though many of those kids were killed by some of the 680 errant Hamas rockets that fell into Gaza.

And so we stand in solidarity with all Palestinian children as they struggle to live normal lives guided by some of the most atrocious role models on Earth. We affirm their right to reject the fantasy forced upon them of a “Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Melanie Phillips: Paranoid conspiracies v sane and sober empiricism
However, there isn’t the kind of pushback over freedom that’s heard in Britain. Partly that’s because of the stratospheric priority Jews place on saving life. Partly it’s because Israelis have a different and more benign view of the state.

Regardless of their boundless contempt for politicians, there’s a general acceptance that the state has the interests of the citizen at heart. This is because it’s almost totally geared towards security and the saving of life against Israel’s enemies. Covid-19 is merely an internal enemy.

So to the vast majority, vaccination is a no-brainer. Now the Israelis are giving a third booster shot to the over-40s and stepping up the vaccination of young people and children over 12.

From Britain’s Covid contrarians issues the cry that the Israelis are riding roughshod over their discovery of a rare heart problem caused by the vaccine among the young. But researchers have said this problem is minor and vastly outweighed by the risks to the heart posed by the virus.

Israelis generally accept this from their experts; many in Britain would not. These Brits seem incapable of differentiating between authoritative scientists and charlatans, of whom there are many from Britain and America holding forth on social media. Maybe there aren’t so many charlatans in Israel to bamboozle people.

Maybe also in Israel there’s an overriding sense of community and commitment to the welfare of all, in contrast to the hyper-individualism of British and American society. Judaism enshrines liberty within laws and rules. Freedom is important to live a good life, not as an end in itself.

Moreover, imprinted upon Israeli DNA is the knowledge of what a real threat to life and liberty actually means. The country was reborn, after all, from the ashes of the Holocaust and faces murderous foes without remission.

So those in Britain who are screaming that the restrictions are “fascist” or “Stasi” are viewed in Israel with utter astonishment. Worse, some of these British individuals, aware of Israel’s vaccination programme for children, are now claiming Israel has “gone all Nazi”.

It really has come to something when Britain is crazier than Israel.
IDF: Remembering Victims of Terrorism Worldwide
Acts of terrorism injure, harm and kill thousands of innocent people each year. On December 19th, 2017, the United Nations General Assembly declared that the 21st of August would mark the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism. This decision was made in order to honor and support the victims and survivors of terrorist attacks and to protect their human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Every day, IDF soldiers defend Israeli civilians from terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other Iranian-backed proxies.

We will always stand with survivors of these horrendous terrorist attacks and remember the victims all around the world. May their memories be a blessing.

‘Imbecilic’: Ex-UK PM Blair slams West’s ‘dangerous abandonment’ of Afghanistan
Former UK prime minister Tony Blair, who in 2001 took Britain into war in Afghanistan alongside the United States, on Saturday condemned their “abandonment” of the country as “dangerous” and “unnecessary.”

In his first public comments on the crisis since the Afghan government collapsed last weekend, Blair criticized the US motives for the withdrawal as “imbecilic” and “driven not by grand strategy but by politics.”

“The abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours,” Blair wrote in a wide-ranging article published on his institute’s website.

“We didn’t need to do it. We chose to do it.

“We did it in obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars,’ as if our engagement in 2021 was remotely comparable to our commitment 20 or even 10 years ago.”

The comments will be widely seen as a direct attack on US President Joe Biden, who used the “forever wars” phrase repeatedly during campaigning last year.

Blair, a controversial figure both in Britain and abroad over his strong support for US-led military action in both Afghanistan and then Iraq, argued the withdrawal left “every Jihadist group round the world cheering.”

“Russia, China and Iran will see and take advantage. Anyone given commitments by Western Leaders will understandably regard them as unstable currency,” he added.

Western Diplomacy: Imploring the Terrorists
"What we've witnessed this week in Afghanistan is a watershed moment in Western decline", Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote. "America cares more about pronouns than the fate of Afghan women."

You could see it from the Western diplomatic response after the Taliban conquered Kabul without firing a shot and arrived in the capital as tourists.

"The Afghan government should engage with the Taliban to reach an inclusive agreement". Even before Afghanistan had fallen into hands of the Taliban, that intrepid EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell was already begging the Afghans to reach an agreement with the Islamists.

The same day, the Associated Press was reporting what now awaits millions of Afghan women. In a park of Kabul, which was turned into a refuge for displaced people, girls returning home were stopped and whipped for... wearing sandals. Since then, there are reports of women being raped, sold to terrorists as sex slaves, murdered for not wearing a burqa, having their eyes gouged out, and girls as young as 12 being hunted door-to-door and "dragged out as sex slaves" or forced to marry fighters in the terror group. Associated Press added:
"Borrell warned that the Taliban would face non-recognition, isolation, lack of international support and the prospect of continued conflict and instability in Afghanistan if they take power by force and re-establish an Islamic Emirate."

Oh, and if you think that for the West the Taliban are enemies, you would be wrong. Enemies? "I think you have to be very careful using the word enemy", said the UK Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter. The Taliban, he explained, "want an Afghanistan that is inclusive for all" -- the words of a surrender. Meanwhile, the French government is already busy listing its "conditions for recognizing the Taliban regime".

"If you impose sharia law, we will no longer give you our money", said Germany's Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who was also terrifying the Taliban. Six weeks earlier, Maas gave a heroic speech to the Bundestag on the imminent "orderly withdrawal of Nato troops from Afghanistan", which also included the units of the German Army (Bundeswehr) stationed in Kunduz, a city conquered days later by the Taliban. Maas praised the efforts of the Germans, who "achieved something extraordinary in Afghanistan". Ahh, yes: Extraordinary....
While Afghanistan fell, US military focussed on "diversity"
"I want to understand white rage, and I’m white," Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, whined at a congressional hearing.

He might have done better to understand Muslim rage.

A week after his testimony, the Taliban had not only doubled their number of districts, but possessed hundreds of captured U.S. armored vehicles, along with artillery and drones.

The Pentagon's spokesman told reporters to ask the Afghan military about the gear.

In May, Milley had shrugged off questions about whether the Afghan military would survive. “We frankly don’t know yet. We have to wait and see how things develop over the summer.”

The Afghan military was beginning to fall apart while Milley was defending critical race theory.

A week earlier, the New York Times had described "demoralized" Afghan forces "abandoning checkpoints and bases en masse." Two days after Milley’s disgraceful performance, the media reported that even the Taliban were “surprised” at how fast they were advancing.

At the beginning of July, the Biden administration abandoned Bagram Air Force Base. A week later the Taliban reclaimed the Panjwayi District where the Jihadist movement had gotten its start, seized the largest border crossing with Iran and the millions in revenue that came with it.

The United States Army responded by announcing that it was putting "a renewed emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and equity" or DEI. Had the brass ordered it as diversity, inclusion, and equity, the resulting acronym would have been more reflective of the real world.

While the Taliban were conquering Afghanistan's rural provinces and then moving on to besieging its cities, the Army was wrestling with the "effective messaging that demonstrates why DEI efforts are critical to the success of the Army". The new messaging would explain how the "talents of a diverse workforce" that included "language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity" were vital to whatever its mission was.

The Taliban, who were mostly Sunni Islamist Pashtun tribesmen, would spend the next two months demonstrating that diversity was not a strength, but a serious weakness.
Death toll of those attempting to flee Taliban via Kabul airport rises to 20
A panicked crush of people trying to enter Kabul’s international airport killed seven Afghan civilians in the crowds, the British military said Sunday, showing the danger still posed to those trying to flee the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

At least 20 people have been killed at the airport in the past week, a NATO official said on Sunday.

“The crisis outside the Kabul airport is unfortunate. Our focus is to evacuate all foreigners as soon as we can,” the anonymous NATO official told the Guardian.

The deaths come as a group of fighters opposing the Taliban’s rule battle the insurgents in the mountains and valleys to the north of Kabul, capturing several rural districts. While details of the fighting remain unclear, it marks the first organized resistance to rise up against the Taliban since they blitzed across the country in under a week to seize the majority of the country and its capital. The Taliban deployed fighters on Sunday to launch a possible offensive there.

Kabul’s airport, now one of the few ways out of the country for the millions in the city, has seen days of chaos since the Taliban entered the capital on August 15. Thousands rushed the airport last Monday in chaos that saw the US try to clear off the runway with low-flying attack helicopters. Several Afghans plunged to their deaths while hanging off the side of a US military cargo plane, some of the seven killed that day alone.

In chaotic scenes on Saturday, British and Western troops in full combat gear tried to control crowds big enough to be seen in satellite photos pressing into the airport. They carried away some who were sweating and pale. With temperatures reaching 34 degree Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit), the soldiers sprayed water from a hose on those gathered or gave them bottled water to pour over their heads.

Shaked: Yamina to quit government if Lapid advances Palestinian state
The Yamina Party will quit the government if Foreign Minister Yair Lapid advances Palestinian statehood when he replaces Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked warned on Sunday.

“There will not be a Palestinian state in a government that we [Yamina] are party to,” said Shaked, who is a member of Bennett’s Yamina Party. There is an agreement that this government will not deal with divisive matters such as this one, Shaked told the KAN News radio program.

Last week Lapid told KAN’s television station Channel 11 that a two-state resolution could be advanced when the government rotates in two years’ time, but until then nothing can happen on this matter because Bennett doesn’t support it.

The question of two states has suddenly resurfaced in the headlines because Bennett is due to meet with US President Joe Biden later in the week.

What happens if Biden asks Bennett to support a two-state resolution to the conflict? KAN asked.

“He will say that he is opposed,” Shaked said, adding, “This is nothing new. Bennett’s opinion is known. We [Yamina] are opposed to a Palestinian state – and even President Biden knows Bennett’s opinion.”

Seth Frantzman: Syrian air defense again shoots wildly at Israeli airstrikes - analysis
Syrian air-defense systems fired wildly against what foreign reports said were Israeli airstrikes on Friday.

“The Israeli enemy launched an aerial attack... targeting positions near Damascus and around the city of Homs,” a Syrian regime media outlet reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based group, said four pro-Iranian fighters allied to the Damascus regime were killed. Syrian air defenses supposedly downed “hostile targets,” with Russian military sources leaking that 22 Israeli missiles were shot down.

But Syrian air defenses also fired wildly, with shrapnel and debris falling over Jordan and Israel, according to varying reports. This was apparently debris from a Syrian S-200. Two commercial airliners also had to divert during the Syrian air-defense operations.

Russia has been more outspoken recently about these strikes. Another Israeli airstrike was interdicted by Syrian air defense, Moscow said on July 24. Russia has indicated that 22 of the 24 missiles fired at Syria on Friday were shot down.

Moscow has also been increasingly vocal in its opposition to the strikes. In November 2019, Russia also opened up about alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria, claiming that Israel had even overflown Jordan.

“Our air defense responded to the missiles and shot most of them down,” a Syrian air-defense source said after Friday’s incident.
Bennett Vows to ‘Settle Scores’ With Gaza Terrorists Who Shot Border Policeman
Israel “will settle the scores with those who harm our soldiers and civilians,” following Saturday’s riots on the Gaza border fence that resulted in critical injury to a border policeman, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday.

“I would like to send my best wishes for a speedy recovery and pray for the healing of Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who was wounded by a terrorist on the Gaza Strip border fence,” Bennett said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Shmueli, 21, was shot in the head with a pistol, almost at point blank range, and subsequently underwent surgery at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba.

His condition has improved from critical to serious, medics said.

According to the police, Shmueli is a sniper and belongs to the special forces unit of the Mista’arvim, whose members are specifically trained to blend in with the Arab population.

He took part in “dozens of operations carried out to thwart terrorist attacks in the southern region of the country.”
Honest Reporting: Media Mum on Libelous Reason Hamas Orchestrated Violent Gaza Border Riots
Hundreds of Palestinians rioted along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, in a "protest" organized by the Hamas terrorist group. Widely-shared footage shows a Palestinian shooting an Israeli border police officer in the head at point-blank range.

Sources in Gaza have reported that the gunman is an lieutenant in Hamas' forces.

The riots were orchestrated under the pretext of marking the 52nd anniversary of an arson attack on Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque by Australian Denis Michael Rohan. The Christian extremist was deemed insane by an Israeli court and admitted to a psychiatric institution. Despite this well-documented fact, Hamas continues to use the 1969 incident to incite violence against the Jewish state.

A week before the latest riots, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem already warned of an "explosion at any time." Meanwhile, media outlets turned a blind eye to threats that have now materialized in violence.

PMW: A look at the impending political turmoil after Abbas
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is almost 86. He is now in the 17th year of his first four-year term as PA Chairman. In addition to being PA Chairman, Abbas is also the head of the PLO and the Fatah faction.

In theory, after Abbas, the PA will need to hold elections to decide who will lead the organization.

Palestinian opinion polls show that the leading candidate to replace Abbas is Marwan Barghouti, a terrorist convicted for his part in the murder of five people, who is currently serving five consecutive life sentences in an Israeli prison.

In general elections, Hamas, an internationally designated terror organization, would most probably win control of the PA.

In the absence of any real democratic culture, it is quite possible that Abbas will be replaced by one of the other Fatah leaders vying to inherit his position.
A ‘nervous’ Abbas steps up crackdown on critics
The Palestinian Authority is growing increasingly intolerant toward its critics and political rivals, Palestinian human rights advocates, lawyers and political activists said on Sunday.

“The continuing crackdown on public freedoms shows that the Palestinian leadership is nervous and does not want to hear about democracy and freedom of expression,” they said in response to the arrest of scores of Palestinian activists on Saturday by the PA security forces in Ramallah.

Some activists said that PA President Mahmoud Abbas was angry because last week’s deal to transfer Qatari aid funds to the Gaza Strip through the United Nations was reached behind his back.

Abbas believes that any deal concerning the Gaza Strip that excludes the PA further emboldens Hamas and undermines the Palestinian leadership’s standing and credibility, they explained.

Last week, Qatar and the UN signed a deal whereby the international body would distribute financial aid to more than 100,000 families in the Gaza Strip. The PA had initially demanded that the money be transferred only through its Ramallah-based government.

The 85-year-old Abbas, in addition, is said to be enraged by the growing demands by his critics that he be removed from power. Calls for Abbas to quit have become commonplace since the death of Nizar Banat, a prominent anti-corruption activist from Hebron who was reportedly beaten to death by PA security officers last June.

Other activists said that Abbas was angry because he feels that the Biden administration is not putting enough pressure on Israel regarding settlement construction and other issues related to Jerusalem.

Turkey accused of bombing medical workers, anti-ISIS fighters
As the world was focused on the crisis in Afghanistan, Turkey has been increasing its airstrikes on the Yazidi minorities in northern Iraq and attacking anti-ISIS fighters in eastern Syria.

Turkey has long harbored ISIS members and backed extremist jihadist groups in northern Syria, where it used them to ethnically cleanse Kurds, Yazidis and other minorities in 2018-2019.

Now Ankara appears to be trying to destabilize areas where ISIS was once active and where it committed genocide. This includes targeting the Christian community of Tel Tamr in Syria and the Yazidi communities in Iraq near Sinjar.

It is not a coincidence that Turkey has targeted ethnic and religious minorities, but rather part of a hundred-year process of attacks on minorities in the country and the region by Turkish armed forces.

The latest round of attacks began last week and coincided with America and the world’s attention being drawn to Kabul.

Turkey killed four health workers in airstrikes in Sinjar, according to Rudaw. It targeted a health clinic in its attacks, and also claimed to be targeting “terrorists” which is the label it gives to local Yazidi activists aligned with the Sinjar Resistance Units or YBS.

These are members of the Yazidi minority who survived the ISIS genocide of 2014 and formed armed units to fight ISIS and save members of their community. They are akin to Jewish resistance fighters who resisted the Nazis in the forests of Belarus.
Turkey Paid McAuliffe’s Firm To Lobby US Against Recognition of Armenian Genocide
A consulting firm cofounded by Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government to prevent the United States from official recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Turkey paid McAuliffe's firm, McAuliffe, Kelly, & Raffaelli, nearly $1.3 million from 1990 to 1994 for a variety of lobbying and public relations services, according to disclosures under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. At the time, the Turkish government faced scrutiny from the State Department and human rights groups over the alleged use of torture against members of Kurdish opposition groups.

McAuliffe's tenure at his consulting firm is a largely forgotten entry on his political résumé, which includes a stint as chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a longtime friendship with the Clintons. McAuliffe has said he did not engage in the day-to-day lobbying activities at McAuliffe, Kelly, & Raffaelli, but his former partners have credited him as the glue that held the firm together. The firm at one point sported a roster of 60 clients, several of them controversial, Politico reported in 2013. In addition to Turkey, McAuliffe's firm represented the Lead Industry Association and cigarette maker Philip Morris.

McAuliffe, who is running for a nonconsecutive second term as Virginia governor, is narrowly leading Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin in polls.

According to its foreign agent disclosures, McAuliffe's firm received $1,287,500 from the Turkish government to arrange meetings with American policymakers for Turkey's ambassador and diplomats. Turkey's contract called on the firm to lobby Congress on bilateral trade and to "counter any efforts detrimental to the Turkish-U.S. relationship." One issue that has long strained U.S.-Turkey relations is the Ottoman Empire's murder of more than one million Armenians from 1915 to 1917.

AFP Implies Gaza Youth Injured By Israeli Missile Even Though Seemingly Caused By Terrorist Rocket
While the article notes that “the Shabans say Mohammed was injured by a missile fired by the Israelis,” immediately thereafter it contains the modifier, “although AFP could not independently verify it.”

Enter Human Rights Watch (HRW) — admittedly, no great promoter of Israeli military actions (see here and here) — whose August 12 report titled, “Palestinian Rockets in May Killed Civilians in Israel, Gaza” began thus:
Palestinian armed groups’ rocket and mortar attacks during the May 2021 fighting in the Gaza Strip, which killed and injured civilians in Israel and Gaza, violated the laws of war and amount to war crimes.”

Among those injured? Apparently, Mohammed Shaban:
A local shop owner said:

People were gathering [on the street] watching the rockets in the sky. I saw a rocket spinning in the air and then it came down and exploded, about 10 meters from where I was standing. There was smoke. I saw the dead and injured. I couldn’t stand what I saw. I broke down.… I saw a child, Mohammed Shaban, whose eyes were bleeding….”

In fact, halfway through its profile AFP even cites HRW as saying that, “Palestinians fired indiscriminately at Israeli cities, with rockets that fell short killing at least seven Palestinians in Gaza and wounding others.”

Based on this quote, one of the AFP editors or authors was undoubtedly aware that HRW had compiled reports on casualties in Gaza but nonetheless failed to include the findings about the cause of Shaban’s injury.

Related Reading: 5 Ways Media are Twisting Coverage of Israel-Hamas Conflict

Instead, the AFP concludes by pulling at the collective audience’s heartstrings even as it omits what is seemingly the most critical information about Shaban’s story; namely, that he was likely a victim of Gaza-based terrorists:
‘In the future, I hope he can go to a special school for the disabled,” said Somaya Shaban, Mohammed’s mother.

She took her son in her arms and burst into tears.

‘I wish to go to school and see the children, and wish see my sisters, and I wish to see my mother and father, and to play with the children,’ Mohammed said.

This appears, then, to be yet another example of a media outlet’s failure to properly investigate events during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict if doing so would necessitate shining the spotlight for the humanitarian toll in Gaza squarely on the shoulders of the enclave’s terrorist rulers who, perhaps not coincidentally, also control with an iron fist news narratives emanating from the Palestinian territory.

Unsurprisingly, they resultingly often convey, at best, a semblance of the truth and, at worst, amount to little more than anti-Israel propaganda.
Agenda prioritisation hinders BBC audience understanding of Jerusalem fires
On August 17th the BBC News website published an ‘In Pictures’ article on its ‘Middle East’ page titled ‘Israel battles huge wildfire near Jerusalem’ which is prominently tagged ‘Climate change’.

The article closes as follows:
“Fire and Rescue Services Commissioner Dedi Simchi has said the fire was caused by humans, but investigators do not know yet if it was arson or negligence.”

Local media have since reported that arson is increasingly viewed as the more likely possibility.
Antisemitism scandal rocks Los Angeles police
Two former police officers have been charged with vandalism for allegedly spray-painting an impounded vehicle with a swastika, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon announced Thursday.

Cody Weldin, 28, and Christopher Tomsic, 29, face felony charges of vandalism and conspiracy to commit vandalism. The two men, who left the Torrance Police Department last year, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The District Attorney's office has identified hundreds of other cases that the two officers were involved in, and that will be reviewed for misconduct, according to a statement.

"We have seen an increase in hate crimes, not only in our own home town but around the country. And it's unacceptable," Gascon said. "But it becomes doubly unacceptable when we have the people that are sworn to protect all of us who engage in this behavior."

Torrance Police Chief Jeremiah Hart said at a joint news conference that 13 other officers had been placed on administrative leave after the investigation into Weldin and Tomsic revealed that these other officers reportedly exchanged racist, antisemitic and homophobic messages.

Hart asserted that the Torrance Police Department has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior.

"Let me be clear, I will aggressively pursue any form of racism, bigotry, hate or misconduct at the Torrance Police Department," he said.

Vowing to reject Holocaust ‘distortion,’ Dani Dayan appointed head of Yad Vashem
Dani Dayan, the former Israeli consul-general to New York, was appointed on Sunday to serve as the next chairman of Yad Vashem, and said in a statement that he would “validate fact-based historical truths” and “safeguard the memory” of the Holocaust.

“Leading Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, is more than a position; it is a mission and one I take on with awe and reverence,” Dayan said, thanking Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton for appointing him.

“Yad Vashem is not just a commemorative endeavor. On our shoulders rests the responsibility to research and educate, to document and disseminate, to validate fact-based historical truths about the Holocaust and reject all forms of distortion, in order to safeguard the memory of the Shoah and to ensure that the Jewish people and humanity will forever continue to remember this event,” Dayan said.

“As time passes, our work becomes more challenging, albeit more vital, than ever before,” he said.

Dayan ran for Knesset this year with Gideon Sa’ar’s New Hope Party, but failed to make it into parliament when the party did not win enough seats.

The Palestinian From Gaza Who Converted to Judaism


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