Tuesday, October 31, 2023

From Ian:

Melanie Phillips: The west's mass psychopathy moment
This terrible conflict has been kept going by the west, which by supporting the Palestinian cause has indulged, funded, sanitised, legitimised and incentivised an agenda of annihilation, ethnic cleansing and murderous antisemitism.

The problem of Gaza will only be solved, like the Palestinian issue itself, if the west stops supporting the Palestinian cause -- and start addressing this conflict not as a fight over the division of land but as a genocidal war of extermination against Israel and the Jewish people.

Israel is fighting in Gaza not just against Hamas but against Iran. It is fighting a war for its existence against a genocidal enemy. That’s why this is a just war by Israel — indeed it could hardly be more justified. And the failure by the west to grasp how this has come about is why the west is now being convulsed by the forces of barbarism from within.

For it’s impossible to exaggerate the extent to which support for the Palestinian cause has destroyed the west’s moral compass. It’s not just that it’s been supporting an agenda whose aim, whether people understand this or not, is the annihilation of Israel and the murder of Jews. It is that it has produced a diabolical and deranged inversion of morality, which views genocide against the Jews as resistance and Jewish resistance as genocide.

As a result, the west has the blood of countless Jewish and non-Jewish Israeli innocents on its hands — and unless it purges this poison from its culture, its hands will be stained by yet more.
Brendan O'Neill: The normalisation of savagery
So it is not surprising, or contradictory, that campus ideologues who fume against un-PC words now welcome, or at least excuse, neo-fascistic violence. They are projecting their ideology of safety on to events in the Middle East. In their minds, Israelis are violators of the Palestinian safe space, and thus vengeance against them is not only justified but good. It is striking how much the Western language of mental dread is being used to explain the crisis in the Middle East. There will be a ‘tsunami of mental-health woes’ as a result of the latest Israel-Gaza conflict, reports NPR. The assault on Gaza is having a terrible impact on the ‘mental health of Palestinian children’, says a US-based psychologist. Many campus radicals also read every event through the prism of Western notions of vulnerability. It would not be surprising if they viewed Hamas’s pogrom of 7 October less as a racist onslaught against the Jewish people than as an act of therapeutic vengeance against a ‘privileged’ neighbour – cathartic payback against those who make Arabs feel ‘unsafe’.

Since the October pogrom, anti-Semitism has soared on campuses in the US, and much of it is underpinned by the self-regarding cult of safety. Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law, reports a student saying to him that ‘what would make her feel safe’ in his law school would be ‘to get rid of the Zionists’. In short, to flatter my narcissistic feelings of psychic and ideological security, certain Jews must be kicked out. The safe space clearly licences racism, too.

The hate has been relentless. A professor at Columbia University said the Hamas assault on Israel was a ‘stunning victory’. A Yale professor said 7 October was an ‘extraordinary day’ and a great blow to the ‘genocidal settler state’ of Israel. An art professor in Chicago said ‘Israelis are pigs. Savages… Irredeemable excrement.’ A professor at the University of California, Davis ominously said ‘Zionist journalists… have houses [with] addresses, kids in school’, and ‘they should fear us’.

Note the vicarious thrill these people seem to derive from faraway acts of unimaginable violence. The cult of vulnerability – and its ugly cousin, vengeance – has robbed them of their humanity. Viewing Israelis as pigs and shit, and Western Zionists as suspect creatures who deserve to live in fear, speaks to the inhumanity of constantly abstracting individuals. Of treating people either as ‘oppressed’, and thus good, or ‘privileged’, and thus bad. It is a short step from academic theories of ‘white privilege’ to demeaning Israelis as excrement whose murders should be celebrated. The reason some in American universities are taking second-hand pleasure from Hamas’s pogrom is because they believe it fortifies their privilege / oppressor worldview and gives physical force to their own contempt for the merchants of unsafety. They welcome the pogrom as a kind of primal therapy.

It is chilling how many young people seem relaxed about Hamas terrorism. A Harvard poll in the US found that 52 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds support Israel but a staggering 48 per cent support Hamas. Fifty-one per cent said Hamas violence against Israeli civilians is justified. As a headline in Newsweek said, ‘An insane number of Gen Zers support Hamas’s slaughter of innocent Israelis’. Polls in the UK suggest significant numbers of young people reject the idea that Hamas are terrorists. There can be no greater indictment of our education system, and of all the new systems of socialisation, than the fact that many in the new generation witnessed the worst act of anti-Semitic violence since the Holocaust and thought: ‘Maybe Israel deserved it.’ We can now see, clear as anything, what a pernicious impact the politics of identity and cult of pity have had on the souls of the young. It has torn them from the values of our civilisation, to such an extent that they feel more affinity with the regressive, anti-Western barbarism of Hamas than they do with the Jewish civilians and democratic state that were desecrated by that barbarism.

We are living through a normalisation of violence. The decimation of the ideals of freedom, especially among millennials and Generation Z, has given rise to a situation where debate is discouraged on account of its hurtfulness, where brute force is wielded against dissenters, and where even genocidal terror can be celebrated if it silences the ‘privileged’. In the absence of freedom of speech, the pre-modern rituals of humiliating and punishing transgressors against orthodoxy have returned with a bloody vengeance. Surely the bleak and tragic month of October 2023 will be a wake-up call for the West.
David Harsanyi: Liberal Jews Have No Reason To Be Surprised By Progressive Antisemitism
Even Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League — a partisan group that’s spent years highlighting every dog whistle (real and imagined) while ignoring or actively diminishing the rise of antisemitism on the left — felt compelled to ask MSNBC, the leading left-wing cable network, “who is writing the scripts? Hamas?”

No, not Hamas. But their allies. MSNBC is where propagandists from the Qatar state-run theocratic network Al-Jazeera go to work. They host shows and join Al “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” Sharpton, cozying up to the Morning Joe crew. One of them, Mehdi Hasan, has called non-Muslims “cattle” and “people of no intelligence.” This would be tantamount to hiring a Pravada reporter to cover the Cold War.

It is only antisemitism for Democrats if you say something unkind about their sugar daddy, George Soros. An enemy of Jewish people, the billionaire not only funds BLM but numerous Jewish front groups to create the perception of support for terrorists. Two of these groups, “Jewish Voice for Peace” and IfNotNow, beneficiaries of at least $15 million, were at the Capitol calling for Israel to give Hamas terrorists a pass.

Maybe, just maybe, giving unfettered loyalty to a president who played footsie with likes of Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright and who was good friends with former PLO spokesperson and agitprop Rashid Khalidi was a clue that this kind of thinking would be normalized on the mainstream left. Of course, not only did Obama (and, to a similar extent, Biden) bolster the Islamists in Iran — an effort to blunt Israel’s regional power — but he also reached out to Hamas and pumped millions into Gaza and Hamas.

Our elite schools and protest movements where philanthropic Jews drop millions every year sign petitions defending baby killers? Intersectionality. Decolonization. They’re all intertwined with identitarianism and antisemitism. Berkeley, like most campuses, is teeming Jew-baiting race-hustlers and pseudointellectuals who function in closed-minded havens for extremists. Sooner or later, those extremists are going to be emboldened. Sooner or later, they were going to be in positions of power.

Sooner is now.
  • Tuesday, October 31, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Israel was employing a particularly galling trait: not broadcasting its military strategy to the media.

It apparently requires an in-depth  news analysis to understand why an army wouldn't announce what it was doing, or planning on doing. 

But this wasn't the only piece of stupidity in the New York Times recently. Also yesterday, for example, reporters were not certain about something:

Could the women have made the video themselves and then asked Hamas to kindly release it for them?

And here, in an otherwise decent piece about Hamas hoarding, we see this:

The ruling government might not have any responsibility to its population?

There is a theme here: Israel is expected to act in ways that go beyond what any other country ever would do; when it doesn't reach those artificial expectations it is big news. Palestinians aren't expected to adhere to even the minimum standards of decency and are given the benefit of the doubt no matter what. 

It isn't just a New York Times problem. It is an everybody problem.

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  • Tuesday, October 31, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
The Arab American News is accusing Israelis, and all Jews worldwide, of being liars while exonerating Hamas of crimes against humanity as it pushes antisemitic tropes of Jews controlling the media:
Israel lies about civilians losses to conceal its colossal failure. Here is the proof

Since the Hamas onslaught on the Southern area of Israel on October 7, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, along with the U.S. administration has insisted on advancing a deceitful narrative of the event. They claim that this attack targeted women, children and elders who cannot defend themselves in civilian towns and kubutzes [sic]  near the Gaza strip. This narrative was so overwhelming that President Biden personally, in an address to the nation, had to lie. A lie that was not a temperamental off-the-cuff statement, but one that he read from a teleprompter. He said that he saw babies and women being slaughtered, describing this as the most horrifying scenes he has seen in his life.

...Israel has been a master in the media field for decades. It knows how to mold and win public opinion and how to turn the human stories of Jewish victims into front page headlines and leading segments in the news. But this time there were no innocent faces in despair, no broken family lives and no evidence to support the narrative at all.

What happened to the most effective propaganda machine in the world? Did the Israeli media lose its touch, or was it hit by a sudden paralysis? To answer this question, one must take a closer look at the source: The Israeli media. There were no stories about the young or elder victims. Very little coverage was given to the victims, whom Israel said are more than 1,300 people.

...The great majority of civilians were between the ages of 18 and 70, which make them by definition a part of the reserve forces. Only the names of a total of 14 children (under 18 years) and seven elders (70 or over) are listed. Of course, these facts paint a picture that must drive the Israeli leadership mad and make them quite frightened. How can the Netanyahu government face its people or the world with this scandalous failure after taking such pride in being the best guarantor of the Jewish people’s safety and security? It is a colossal failure of apocalyptic proportions, and all the media tricks and the international support won’t be enough to hide the truth regardless of how the false narrative is advanced.

There were no stories in Israeli media about child victims? Or about the elderly? There are dozens printed every day!  Plus videos taken by the terrorists themselves, in the kibbutzim and towns that are obviously not military!

But the nauseating newspaper makes up facts (like all Israelis are in the reserves until age 70) to push a narrative of the Hamas pogrom as a legitimate military action. 

Israel is still identifying victims, including many babies who have been burned beyond recognition. The current list from Haaretz has over 1000 victims, including these children the article didn't count:

And I stopped trying to list all the elderly they missed:

Looking at the list, one is stunned by how many entire families were murdered. To say these weren't "civilian" is grotesque. 

Not to mention the people who weren't Israeli, like the workers and the visitors.

So this is an altogether disgusting, antisemitic article. From a newspaper that many Arab Americans rely on for their news.

(h/t Dan)

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From Ian:

Jonathan Tobin: They back ‘Palestine’ because they hate Jews
The idea that there is something wrong with publicly exposing those who engage in antisemitism is bizarre, especially coming from those in the academy who have done their best to drive conservative critics of their toxic theories from the public square. Cancel culture is about demonizing and penalizing those who engage in normal political debate. Opposing it has never meant justifying and defending actual racism like those who are neo-Nazis or members of the Ku Klux Klan.

That’s why the doxxing of Harvard students who support the destruction of Israel and who back Hamas terrorism isn’t wrong. Reasonable people would never excuse anyone who suggested lynching African-Americans. Yet that is what is being asked for by those who are cheering on or justifying the pogroms against Jews in Israel. Indeed, Harvard even seeks to protect their right to be hired at the country’s most prestigious law firms and corporations—something it would never do for those who call for the murder of any other minority.

In a saner era of American public life, those who rationalize Hamas slaughter as “decolonization,” as Attiah does, wouldn’t be editors at The Washington Post. They’d be driven to the margins of American society where they could advocate for whatever variant of antisemitism they like.

The same could be said of the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, who described the pro-Hamas demonstration in London as proof that “people are not accepting the media narrative about what is happening in the Middle East despite the insistent rhetoric from government officials.” But what else did we expect from a defender of Kanye West’s antisemitism, whether she calls herself a conservative or not?

The ability of Harvard’s Jew-haters to go on to glittering careers, or the ability of Owens and Attiah to retain their influential perches, isn’t the real question. It’s whether society has now gone so far in accepting the demonization of Israel and Jews that there is no penalty attached to public expressions of Jew-hatred, whether they pose as sympathy for Palestinians or not.

What does matter is whether moral people are willing to go along with the pretense that demanding Israel’s eradication and the murder of its population is acceptable discourse. What is needed is for all people of goodwill—no matter where they sit on the political spectrum, no matter their faith or background—to denounce these vile ideas as hate speech. What’s more, they should demand that those who support this hatred be given the opprobrium and shunning that would be their fate if they were avowed Nazis, rather than merely those who support Hitler’s Islamist successors.
Anatomy of a Blood Libel
On Friday, the Associated Press published two pieces related to the blast. The first, quoting a French intelligence assessment, pointed to a “Palestinian rocket” as the cause, and the second, a full AP investigation of the available evidence, made a strong case for the failed rocket theory as well, even citing morning-after AP photos of the blast zone that showed “a small crater … in the hospital’s parking lot [that] appeared to be about a meter across, suggesting a device with a much smaller explosive payload than a bomb.” BBC published a quasi mea culpa for their initially hasty reporting, writing, “The devastating human cost of the explosion at the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza and the competing narratives put forward by Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinian authorities, as to who was responsible, have made this a difficult and complex story to cover … However, as we have reported, based on the evidence available it isn’t possible to be definitive about what caused the blast. We will continue to analyse new information as it emerges.” And Canada’s public news outlet CBC wrote, “UN calls for investigation into Gaza hospital strike as France says Israel not responsible.”

By Saturday, Canada’s military had published the findings of their own inquiry, saying, “Analysis conducted independently by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command indicates with a high degree of confidence that Israel did not strike the al-Ahli hospital on 17 October 2023,” adding their voice to the conclusion already reached by U.S. and French intelligence services. Al Jazeera and other outlets carried the Canadian conclusion in their reporting. The Wall Street Journal was also ready on Saturday to add their analysis to the mix, concluding that “Video Analysis Shows Gaza Hospital Hit by Failed Rocket Meant for Israel.”

And on Sunday, The New York Times took much of the air out of their initial reporting, writing, “Six days after Hamas accused Israel of bombing a hospital in Gaza City and killing hundreds of people, the armed Palestinian group has yet to produce or describe any evidence linking Israel to the strike, says it cannot find the munition that hit the site and has declined to provide detail to support its count of the casualties.”

This Monday, the Times editors issued an unusual note:
The Times’s initial accounts attributed the claim of Israeli responsibility to Palestinian officials, and noted that the Israeli military said it was investigating the blast. However, the early versions of the coverage—and the prominence it received in a headline, news alert and social media channels—relied too heavily on claims by Hamas, and did not make clear that those claims could not immediately be verified. The report left readers with an incorrect impression about what was known and how credible the account was.

But on Tuesday, in spite of the Italian foreign minister announcing definitively that Israel did not cause the blast, and that the death toll was more likely 50, not 500, and in spite of Vanity Fair publishing Slack messages from inside The New York Times which showed that some editors were concerned from the jump about publishing the claims presented by a single Palestinian source, NPR published a piece which reads, “experts are increasingly doubtful that the publicly available evidence will be enough to settle the question of who was behind the incident.”

Also on Tuesday, The New York Times published its own analysis of video footage of the suspected rocket, casting doubt on the already established analysis of some of its peers, claiming that the rocket in question was actually fired from Israel and would have detonated two miles from the hospital. They write:
The Times’s finding does not answer what actually did cause the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital blast, or who is responsible. The contention by Israeli and American intelligence agencies that a failed Palestinian rocket launch is to blame remains plausible. But the Times analysis does cast doubt on one of the most-publicized pieces of evidence that Israeli officials have used to make their case and complicates the straightforward narrative they have put forth.

And the beat goes on.

Herzog on Islamists: Europe will be next
Israel is at the forefront of a global clash of civilizations, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Tuesday.

“Hamas, Al Qaeda and Islamic State are all together in wishing to ban us all from the face of the earth,” he told a group of European Jewish leaders. “It starts with Israel, it starts with the Jews. It will never end there. Europe will be next. And that is why we are fighting a battle on behalf of the entire world.”

Herzog expressed serious concern about the significant rise in antisemitism in Europe and around the world in recent weeks. “This is a message that must be heard loud and clear,” he said. “When [anti-Israel protesters] say ‘from the river to the sea,’ they mean without any Jews.”

“When they demonstrate on campuses against Israel—they mean without Jews. When they criticize Israel fighting to defend its people, and fighting against the most brutal attack that humanity has seen in last generation—they mean no Jews,” he added.

“This is a fight not only against Israel. It is a fight against antisemites all over the world, and we are here to strengthen our brothers and sisters of Jewish communities all over the world, to show solidarity with them, because we are all in this together,” he said.
Language is created by people. It's a reflection of both their times and their mindset.

No less an authority than Calvin & Hobbs pointed this out:

Calvin is right, the word "access" was originally only a noun.

Here is the entry for "access" in Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary -- from 1970:

Websters in 1970 defined "access" only as a noun, and then it defined "accessible" as "usable for access" or "easy of access" -- using "access" as a noun. The fact it defines "accessibility" as "easy of access" instead of "easy to access" is because there was no such thing as "to access" at the time. 

In time, possibly because of computers, "access" became a noun and a verb since it was more convenient to say "access" instead of "gain access."

But even Calvin stopped short of the whole truth. He said that "verbing weirds language." 
Actually, ideology "weirds" language too.

How long have we argued about the difference between militants and terrorists? This issue comes up when the media reports about Palestinians attacking Israeli civilians and trying to kill them. The media insists on calling these Palestinians "militants" instead of "terrorists." And no wonder. Unlike militants, terrorists target defenseless civilians while militants do not. 

A good example of this wordplay is the BBC. In the midst of the current war between Israel and Hamas, BBC has refused to call Hamas "terrorists," despite the Hamas massacre of 1,400 Israeli civilians and the over 200 hostages dragged back to Gaza:
The BBC has defended its decision not to describe Hamas militants as "terrorists" in coverage of the recent attacks in Israel.

UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said the policy is "verging on disgraceful".

A BBC spokesperson noted it was a long-standing position for its reporters not to use the term themselves unless attributing it to someone else.

Veteran BBC foreign correspondent John Simpson said "calling someone a terrorist means you're taking sides".
Pity the BBC. The term terrorist is decidedly negative so they felt they had to find another word -- because synonyms like assassin, bomber, fanatic, guerrilla, gunman, and hijacker didn't seem to reach the level of neutrality they needed to avoid tainting the Hamas name.

The BBC has recently dropped the use of 'militant' to describe Hamas attackers and instead is continuing to describe the group as a terrorist organisation proscribed by the UK Government and others.

The broadcaster's bosses had faced calls to review its editorial guidelines amid anger - including from Government ministers - at the corporation for not directly referring to Hamas as a terror organisation.

The guidelines state that journalists should not use the term terrorist without attribution - meaning it is permitted only when used by others - and that words such as 'bomber', 'attacker', 'gunman', 'kidnapper', 'insurgent' and 'militant' should be used to describe perpertrators.
According to BBC policy, they will use the T-word only for attribution, but not as a "judgment call." Yet the BBC had no problem describing other groups as terrorists:

Just 2 weeks ago, the BBC actually reported about a terror attack -- in Brussels:

The BBC has now dutifully wiped the headline so that it now reads, "Brussels shooting: 'Europe shaken' after two Swedes shot dead." The T-word is still used 5 times in the article -- twice while quoting an official and the other 3 times could arguably also be an attribution, each time without any qualification.

But this is part of a larger phenomenon we have been seeing in the US during the whitewashing of violence to support a political, ideological agenda.

In 2020, CNN was widely mocked for describing a riot as a 'fiery but mostly peaceful protest'
CNN national correspondent Omar Jimenez was reporting live in the early hours on Tuesday morning on the unrest that had taken place in Kenosha, Wis., following the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake.

Jimenez was standing in front of a raging fire and the chyron at the bottom of the screen read, "FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING."

MSNBC did something similar

NBC came out right into the open to clarify that NBC would not use the word "riot" to describe the reaction to George Floyd's murder:

NBC News came under scrutiny Thursday for allegedly telling its reporters to refer to the events in Minneapolis this week as "protests" and not "riots," according to one of its anchors.

Craig Melvin, an MSNBC host and co-anchor of "Today," shed some light as to how his network is framing its reporting. 

...Melvin's tweet raised eyebrows among critics who accused the network of downplaying the violence that took place in the city to protest the death of George Floyd.

"What kind of alternate reality is this where the mass looting and burning of businesses is not considered a riot by a news network? A protest is what we had here in LA last night. What’s happening in Minneapolis is the textbook definition of a riot. Protesters don’t loot. Period," local Fox affiliate reporter Bill Melugin tweeted.

The ability to whitewash riots, lootings and the burning of businesses as mere "protests" in defense of left-wing groups such as BLM established the precedence that violence and destruction could be excused and even covered up for a "righteous cause." It set the stage for our current "alternate reality" where people gloss over the Hamas massacres of 1,400 Israeli civilians and the kidnapping of over 200 by Hamas terrorists, and blame the victims.

Peggy Noonan writes about this "alternate reality" in the face of the Hamas massacre. She notes that while people who are middle-aged or older feel sympathy and loyalty towards Israel, the young see the situation in a completely different way. They feel antipathy, "sometimes accompanied by rage, sometimes by almost violent accusations against the colonialist oppressor state." This is more than seeing a righteous cause.

According to Noonan:

At the bottom of today’s progressive politics there is blood lust. They speak of justice and equity but that’s not what they want, they want dominance. It’s all about the will to power. Progressive students have absorbed the idea it’s good to be militant in your views, it shows you’re authentic. No, it shows you got the talking points. [emphasis added]

And now -- consistent with the whitewashing of BLM riots -- university students, armed with those talking points that Noonan mentioned, defend and praise terrorists while condemning their victims. These students are defended by university administrations and by many in the media. Protesters recite their mantra that Israel is an occupier and is therefore responsible for any "violence" committed by Hamas. They may be taking their cue from Francesca Albanese, who under the guise of a law degree, spreads her ideological hatred of Israel and admiration of Hamas and claims that Israel has no right to self-defense.

While Israel is in a battle to change the reality in Gaza, Jewish communities around the world face a rise in antisemitism that threatens to create a new reality of its own.

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  • Tuesday, October 31, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
Mondoweiss and +972 have revealed not one but two super-duper secret Israeli plans to expel all Palestinians from Gaza and take it over!

The Hamas attack on Israeli towns surrounding Gaza on October 7 has provided a pretext for an unprecedented, genocidal revenge campaign by Israel involving the massacre of now nearly 5,000 Palestinians, including over 2,000 children – and that may only be the beginning. Now, an Israeli think tank with ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promoting plans for the complete ethnic cleansing of Gaza. 

On October 17, the Misgav Institute for National Security & Zionist Strategy published a position paper (PDF) advocating for the “relocation and final settlement of the entire Gaza population.” The report advocates exploiting the current moment to accomplish a long-held Zionist goal of moving Palestinians off the land of historic Palestine. The report’s subtitle makes it clear: “There is at the moment a unique and rare opportunity to evacuate the whole Gaza Strip in coordination with the Egyptian government.” 

A think tank writes up something and suddenly it becomes Israeli policy!

 But it isn't only a think tank, but an Israeli ministry that hardly anyone ever heard of! From +972:

The Israeli Ministry of Intelligence is recommending the forcible and permanent transfer of the Gaza Strip’s 2.2 million Palestinian residents to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, according to an official document revealed in full for the first time by +972’s partner site Local Call yesterday.

The 10-page document, dated Oct. 13, 2023, bears the logo of the Intelligence Ministry — a small governmental body that produces policy research and shares its proposals with intelligence agencies, the army, and other ministries. It assesses three options regarding the future of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the framework of the current war, and recommends a full population transfer as its preferred course of action. It also calls on Israel to enlist the international community in support of this endeavor. The document, whose authenticity was confirmed by the ministry, has been translated into English in full here on +972.

At least +972 puts this a little bit in perspective: 

The existence of the document does not necessarily indicate that its recommendations are being considered by Israel’s defense establishment. Despite its name, the Intelligence Ministry is not directly responsible for any intelligence body, but rather independently prepares studies and policy papers that are distributed to the Israeli government and security agencies for review, but are not binding. The ministry’s annual budget is NIS 25 million and its influence is considered relatively small. It is currently headed by Gila Gamliel, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party.  

Palestinian response to the Ministry of Intelligence plan is predictable:
“We are against transfer to any place, in any form, and we consider it a red line that we will not allow to be crossed,” Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said of the report. “What happened in 1948 will not be allowed to happen again.”
First of all, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Gaza after Hamas is destroyed. It is quite reasonable for a government to look at all possibilities.

The Intelligence Ministry's paper is not genocidal. It looks for what would be best for Palestinians themselves.

It describes three alternatives: 
Option A: The population remaining in Gaza and the import of Palestinian Authority (PA) rule. 
Option B: The population remaining in Gaza along with the emergence of a local Arab authority.
Option C: The evacuation of the civilian population from Gaza to Sinai.

Out of these hypotheticals, it examines the pros and cons of each. Again, this is prudent, not genocidal. And Option C is determined to be best for everyone, including Palestinians themselves:

2.In our assessment, post-evacuation combat is likely to result in fewer casualties among the civilian population compared to the expected casualties if the population remains (as presented in options A and B).

3.Large-scale migration from war zones (Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine) and population movement is a natural and sought-after outcome due to the dangers associated with remaining in the war zone.

4.Even before the war, there was significant demand for emigration from Gaza, among the local population. The war is only expected to increase this phenomenon.


a.This is a defensive war against a terrorist organization that conducted a military invasion into Israel.

 b.The demand for the evacuation of the non-combatant population from the area is a widely accepted method that saves lives, and it was the approach used by the Americans in Iraq in 2003.

c.Egypt has an obligation under international law to allow the passage of the population.

...8.In the long run, this option will gain broader legitimacy because it involves a population that will be integrated within a state framework with citizenship.

Now, this will never happen. Egypt is dead-set against a single Palestinian on its land. (The Misgav Institute plan describes how a voluntary relocation of Palestinians to become Egyptian citizens, paid for by Israel, would be good for Egypt's economy as well as those of surrounding countries.)

Palestinian leaders try to brainwash Palestinians into thinking this would be a second Nabka. However, what none of the critics dare examine is what the Palestinian civilians in Gaza themselves want to do.

Which is why the outcry over this plan is so hypocritical. Not one of the supposed "pro-Palestinian" groups have ever asked Palestinians what they want.  But all evidence shows that if given a choice, many if not most would love to become full citizens of other Arab countries. 

The real question is, why is it so unfathomable - nay, "genocidal" - to think about a plan that would, if implemented correctly, be good for everyone: Israel, Gazans, and even Egypt? 

No one will force Palestinians to become citizens of Egypt if they don't want to - but what do they want?

If you aren't asking that question, then your pretense of being "pro-Palestinian" is exposed as just a smokescreen for hating Israel. 

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  • Tuesday, October 31, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
The Gaza ministry of health  announced that Israeli aircraft targeted the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital for cancer patients.

Some news reports said it was "destroyed."

So I looked for video or pictures of this destruction.

One video shows "the moment the hospital was hit." I see a lot of smoke, but no visible damage to the building.

Photos from the hospital Facebook page shows minor damage that could have come from a nearby airstrike, or from a terror rocket.. There is no hole in the wall that they show.

Finally, there is a video where an employee walks through the mostly undamaged hospital to show the videographer the major damage: what appears to be part of a wall that fell in, but it did not look like it was an outside wall.

Finally I found a photo that showed some real rubble, and it looks like a window was shattered. This is clearly not the damage from an Israeli missile.

It is certain that Israel didn't "target" the hospital as they claim. It may have been shrapnel from a nearby IDF attack, but it appears at least as likely that this was a Gaza rocket that fell short.

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Monday, October 30, 2023

From Ian:

Netanyahu calls civilized world to arms against ‘forces of barbarism’
The Jewish state is fighting a war against “the forces of barbarism” for itself and for all decent countries, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told foreign reporters on Monday.

“It is a time for everyone to decide where they stand,” he said.

Netanyahu hopes that the world will back Israel, because “Israel’s fight is your fight,” and should “Hamas and Iran’s axis of evil win, you will be their next target,” he said.

The “horrors of Hamas” show that the 21st century has not moved “beyond the barbaric horrors of the past” towards a brighter future, according to Netanyahu.

“We will not realize the promise of a better future unless we—the civilized world—are willing to fight the barbarians,” he said. “The barbarians are willing to fight us, and their goal is clear: Shatter that promise and future, destroy all that we cherish, and usher in a world of fear and darkness.”

The prime minister noted that Hamas carried out “the most horrific crimes imaginable” on Oct. 7 when it broke through Israel’s security barrier with the Gaza Strip and murdered, tortured and beheaded its way through Israel’s southern communities.

Netanyahu dismissed calls for a ceasefire.

“Just as the United States would not agree to a ceasefire after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or after the terrorist attack of 9/11, Israel will not agree to a cessation of hostilities with Hamas after the horrific attacks of October 7,” he said.
‘Never Again’ has rarely rung so hollow
It is not an overstatement to say Dagestan is no longer safe for Jewish people. In Nalchik, another Dagestani city, a planned Jewish centre was set on fire on Sunday. And in Khasavyurt, a mob besieged a hotel and searched rooms for Jews. A former chief rabbi of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt, tweeted last night that, ‘We are receiving reports from four different cities in Dagestan… of mobs demanding to kill the Jews’.

It is likely the prompt for Sunday’s anti-Jewish riots was a Telegram post claiming that the passengers on the flight from Tel Aviv were refugees from Israel. Some of the mob were waving placards stating, ‘We are against Jewish refugees’. Goldschmidt blamed the riots ‘on the Russian government’s siding with Hamas in this conflict and the lack of condemnation of the massacre [on 7 October]’.

Whatever the immediate cause, it is clear that anti-Jewish hatred has become truly globalised. The behaviour of the Dagestani mob, itself inspired by Hamas’s videos of its atrocities on 7 October, exposes the raw hatred fuelling 21st-century anti-Semitism.

The Russian government’s pro-Hamas stance will obviously not have helped. But Moscow’s craven position is not the cause of this eruption of anti-Jewish hatred. The Kremlin is, in part, only trying to appease the already existing loathing of Israel among Russia’s Muslim populations.

Indeed, hatred of Israel plays a key, unifying role within the Muslim world. Since the decline of pan-Arabism and Arab nationalism in the 1970s, opposition to Israel has become the one cause that different Muslim sects and nations could agree on. This anti-Israeli consensus had appeared to be unravelling recently, with Gulf states and Saudi Arabia seeking a modus vivendi in Israel. The outbreak of the war on 7 October – which was likely encouraged by Iran – has put paid to any rapprochement between Israel and the Muslim world, at least for now.

The current wave of anti-Israeli sentiment sweeping the Muslim world is being mirrored in Western societies. The rabble waiting for a plane from Tel Aviv to land in Dagestan is merely a less inhibited and less restrained version of the ‘pro-Palestine’ marches on the streets of London or Berlin. They may present their visceral loathing of Jews as anti-Zionism and dress it up in the seemingly civilised discourse of ‘decolonisation’. But beneath the surface, their hatred of Jews is just as strong as it is among the mobs in Dagestan.

Indeed, while walking down a side street in central London on Saturday night, my wife pointed to a poster that had been stuck on a bagel shop. ‘Blood on your hands’, it read. My wife, full of anger, tore down the sign, and we continued on our way, dumbstruck by what we had just seen.
Hillel Fuld: Let me tell you how Jews around the world are feeling today
I know that it is hard to understand with our finite human brains, but that is exactly the point, we are human, and we can only understand other humans.

Looking at the world today, it is clear that this is not being run by humans, because no human mind can come up with the twisted reality in which we find ourselves. Why God does what He does? Again, I have no clue, we have no clue, we do not have the tools to decipher why God does what He does.

Some people view that as a cop out, I view that as the only possible way to look at the world. The only tool that I have in order to try to understand God‘s ways, and perhaps what is coming next, is history, is the Torah.

I look at the different miracles and stories we have learned our entire lives, and I know how this ends. God watched over us in the desert with the clouds of glory. He accompanied us and held our hand until we reached our destination. He watched over Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, and all the rest of our forefathers and foremothers.

He chose us, He gave us the Torah, He loves us, He is our father, and that I know beyond any shadow of a doubt. How could a father allow this to happen to His kids? I don’t know. I struggle with this question every day.

I don’t know.

But I do know that, throughout our history, we were the victims of endless persecution, and we always, always came out on top. Why we needed persecution in order to come out victorious? I have no clue.

Anyway, I started off by letting you know how Jews feel around the world, and out of all of the things I said above, to me, what I am seeing is, that Jews are strengthening their faith around the world, coming back to their tradition, remembering their heritage, and so many are understanding that God is in our corner.

You, the world, the anti-Israel world, you will go down in history, along with the Nazi sympathizers, and the people who sided with the Jew haters throughout our history, and were wiped off the map and forgotten forever.

How are Jews feeling today? Devastated. Broken. Depressed. Hopeless.

And at the same time? Unified. Strong. Optimistic. Confident.

“Israelis will never forget October 7th. Jews will never forget what came after.”

I know Hashem is here with His clouds of glory again. I know He is marching alongside us into Gaza to do the impossible work we need to do there. I know that God’s version of today’s clouds of glory is the Iron Dome.

I am endlessly grateful and proud of the IDF. The IDF is God’s vehicle by which we will win this. God has our back. We are marching into a man-made hell on earth but right behind us is God, and if history teaches us anything, God does NOT look favorably on people or nations that mess with His children.

I promise you, this has a good ending. The sadness won’t disappear. The loss won’t ever be forgotten, but we will win this and this will all end with the Jewish people victorious!

Am Yisrael Chai. Now and forever!
  • Monday, October 30, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon
Every day, the New York Times writes exactly what Israel is doing in this war. Today, for example:

Israel has provided limited details about the invasion, four days into what an Israeli official described as an “extended ground operation.” But imagery verified by The Times indicates large groups of tanks and other armored vehicles making their way deep into Gaza, as Israel’s military has continued to strike nearby buildings from the air.

In northwest Gaza, a satellite image taken on Monday morning by Planet Labs shows large groups of armored vehicles advancing about three miles south of the northern border near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Groups of vehicles can be seen amassed in open spaces of the densely populated area of Al Karama, northwest of Gaza City, less than two miles north of the crowded Shati refugee camp. Many nearby buildings appear to have been heavily damaged or completely destroyed by airstrikes.

Photographs also show a second group of armored vehicles near the city of Beit Hanoun, on the northeast edge of the Gaza Strip. Beit Hanoun had already been significantly damaged by airstrikes in the past several weeks.

Farther south, a video taken by Palestinian media worker Youssef Al Saifi on Monday morning, and verified by The Times, showed an Israeli armored vehicle firing on and destroying a car along Salah al-Din, Gaza’s main north-south road.. 
This is the New York Times providing intelligence to Hamas, using satellite photos and other information sources Hamas doesn't have access to. Planet Labs, as far as I know, only provides paid services, and it would not be allowed to provide services to Hamas directly, so why can the New York Times buy and publish the same information where Hamas can read it?

If the NYT was also using its contacts in Gaza to provide information about where tunnel entrances, rocket launchers or groups of Hamas armed members were, then one could say it was being even handed, although it would still be problematic. But for weeks, the only information it has been publishing has been Israeli movements, and speculation on Israeli strategy.

The only people it helps are the terrorists. 

And now it is publishing information on exactly where in Gaza the Israeli troops are. 

I'm no lawyer, but it sounds like a violation of 18 USC 2339B: Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations:

(a) Prohibited Activities.-

(1) Unlawful conduct.-Whoever knowingly provides material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life. To violate this paragraph, a person must have knowledge that the organization is a designated terrorist organization (as defined in subsection (g)(6)), that the organization has engaged or engages in terrorist activity (as defined in section 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act), or that the organization has engaged or engages in terrorism (as defined in section 140(d)(2) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989).
Hamas is a designated terrorist organization, and the New York Times knows this. So how can this be legal?

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  • Monday, October 30, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

For over 15 years since the Hamas coup, the Palestinian Authority has been trying to regain control over Gaza.

They have tried "unity" agreements. They have tried restricting electricity and fuel and medicines. Nothing has worked.

Now, they are seeing the possibility of Hamas being toppled from power - and suddenly, they have lost all interest.

The Palestinian Authority will not return to governing Gaza after the Israel-Hamas conflict without a comprehensive agreement that includes the West Bank in a Palestinian state, the authority’s prime minister has said.

Israeli civilian and military officials have said their plan for the end of the Gaza war is to have some form of transitional authority rule the territory, perhaps involving Arab states, leading to the restoration of the Palestinian Authority (PA), which was ousted from Gaza in a 2007 Hamas coup.

But Mohammad Shtayyeh, who has been prime minister since 2019, said the PA would not cooperate without a return to a genuine peace process resulting in two sovereign states.

“To have the Palestinian Authority go to Gaza and run the affairs of Gaza without a political solution for the West Bank, as if this Palestinian Authority is going aboard an F-16 or an Israeli tank?” Shtayyeh said. “I don’t accept it. Our president [Mahmoud Abbas] does not accept it. None of us will accept it.”
To the PA, Hamas' attack on innocent Jews is an opportunity to extort concessions from Israel.

In the past, Mahmoud Abbas has threatened, many times, to dissolve the PA and force Israel to re-occupy and take care of day to day affairs, which would be a huge drain. Here he sees a way to do the same without losing anything - forcing Israel to govern Gaza and refusing to do the job they are supposed to be doing under existing agreements. 

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From Ian:

Victor Davis Hanson: Our Immoral Monsters (via Twitter)
Students at UCLA, some of them perhaps on foreign-student visas and others on some sort of taxpayer-funded support, are now marching with a new controversial and disputed chant: “Israel, Israel you cannot hide, we charge you with genocide”.

But how strange that the same crowd that charges Israel with “genocide”, for replying to the mass murdering of its citizens on October 7, has a signature English-rhyming chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. That jingle is tailor-made for Western-residents eager to parrot the Hamas charter.

Despite the usual denials, that mantra is a euphemism for destroying the state of Israel and those within it. They are then to be replaced by a nation of Palestinian Arabs from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean—in other words, requiring a genocide, or what happened on October 7 expanded to encompass all of Israel.

When professors faced little in the way of consequences for calling for Jews to be separated from their classmates, or advocating that the children of “Zionist propagandists” should be singled out, or claiming Israelis were “pigs” and “excrement,” what do we expect would follow?

Something like what just happened at the Cooper Union campus in New York?

There, some 50 Jews were locked in the library to protect them from raving pro-Hamas protestors pounding on the windows, zombie-like in their hatred, as if they were hired extras for The Walking Dead.

Why was Biden press-secretary Karine Jean-Pierre matter-of-factly denying the anti-Semitism was a problem (50% of hate crimes victims are Jews [2% of the population]), and why appoint Robert Malley to anything—unless the hatred of Israel is deeply engrained among the Left?

It is, after all, the effective goal of the new DEI/Middle East/Jacobin nexus to demand the mass killing of Jews and the extinction of Israel.

That agenda is randomly evident in the BLM glider posters, or the “river to the sea’ chants, or the August 1988 charter of the now idolized Hamas— ″Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam invalidates it, just as it invalidated others before it″ / “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals, and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

Is the current war in Gaza City, thus, the “Jihad” that Hamas had always promised—or did they mean just the one-sided surprise murdering of unarmed women, children, infants, and the elderly?

We are reversing the Nazi sequence of the 1930s. Then cadres of thugs physically attacked Jews in gruesome efforts to shock all Germans into supporting their anti-Semitic agendas.

In today’s America, leftist intellectuals and their useful idiots on campuses are at the forefront as shock troops.

They are seeking to acculturate the nation to widespread, commonplace hatred of Jews in hopes of birthing brownshirt street violence of the sort we are already beginning to see at Cooper Union and elsewhere.

We have not yet reached depths of tabloid Jew-hatred of the Der Stürmer sort. But the New York Times and The Washington Post, along with other major news outlets, as tensions rose, ran with the incendiary Big Lie that the IDF had intentionally bombed a hospital “killing 500 Palestinians”.

That lie was compounded when our addled President weirdly seemed to lament that Islamic Jihad could not shoot straight: “It’s that old thing: Gotta learn how to shoot straight.”

The logical subtext to Biden’s remonstrations is that if Islamic Jihad had just hit their target—civilian Jews in Tel-Aviv—then the ensuring global fury and protests, and his cancelled meetings with Arab leaders (all recipients of massive US aid) would not have occurred.

I suppose as well Biden would not have sent $100 million in fungible money to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip—had the terrorists just learned “how to shoot straight” and not hit their own hospital parking lot.

The war in the Middle East will not end soon.

It is not easy to root out the Hamas death squads from their subterranean tunnels and cities and their human-shielded mosques, hospitals, and schools. It will be tricky to deter Iran and Hezbollah from entering the fray.

Meanwhile each day expect the campuses and streets to get a little bolder, a little closer to reifying their “river to the sea” chanting—as all the more Hamas erodes.

After all, there are no consequences to death chants. Even when the protestors incite violence, they correctly understand no college president will call them out.

Even when Rep. Tlaib incites mobs at the Capitol by shouting the lie that IDF leveled a Gazan hospital, she knows she is a protected “victim”—and her lies mere competing narratives.

When will they stop?

Not until the Democratic hierarchy disowns the growing Hamas wing of its own party.

Not until universities become more afraid of the donor class than they are of the DEI/pro-Hamas bunch and their protected hatred.

And not until a sane administration stops inviting to America those who despise their generous host.

None of that will happen soon—if ever.

So for now we Americans are like Diogenes the Cynic, stumbling around in broad daylight with a torch looking for just one honest college president, one truthful US president—all in vain.
The Spirit of ’48
Even in the midst of our searing anguish, we must recognize that this marks a complete departure from our history in the diaspora. No Jewish community anywhere in the world could have displayed such extraordinary heroism, on such a grand scale and with such remarkable capabilities. We paid a terrible price for the professional and conceptual failures of the security and state systems, from the strategic level to the decisions in the field. There is no denying the magnitude of this failure. Nevertheless, the historical analogy is crystal clear. In every Jewish community, over a history spanning hundreds of years, what occurred would have been the first day of a pogrom, leaving the Jews only with a pervasive sense of helplessness, pain and despair. In Israel, just the opposite transpired. The pogrom ended with unwavering counterattacks, followed by a major counteroffensive. And instead of feeling helpless, what we now feel is an entirely different emotion: rage.

This rage is the diametric opposite of the fear, helplessness and despair that characterized the Jews in the diaspora. It is the antithesis of these emotions. This rage is concrete evidence of the profound transformation that has occurred within us. Our anger is directed at our leadership because we understand that the responsibility lies with us, that we are in control of the situation, and that our destiny lies firmly within our grasp. This is the essence of the Zionist revolution.

A warrior nation
So yes, the state faltered. But Zionism has triumphed. On that darkest of dark days, it became evident that the people of Israel is not a fragile “spider’s web,” and is characterized by neither coddling nor weakness. At the moment of truth, the warrior spirit within us stirred in a matter of minutes. Ultimately, in times of war, it is not the air force, cyber capabilities, technological fences, reinforced slurry walls or active protection systems that secure victory. It is the valiant fighters. And on the day of the pogrom, one thing became undeniably clear: Israel is a nation of warriors. We are all warriors and we will not retreat in the face of adversity.

In these circumstances, no enemy can defeat us. Undoubtedly, we have numerous challenges to confront. We have suffered a devastatingly painful blow that will resonate in Jewish history for all eternity. But even at that moment, when the leadership and the state utterly failed, we were not at the mercy of others. We are not consumed with fear; on the contrary, we are filled with extreme heroism. And that is why this people will prevail over its adversaries. Even if our leadership seems akin to the Generation of the Wilderness, this people is forged in the spirit of Caleb and Joshua.

We are reliving the spirit of ’48 in another sense because much remains to be said about the tectonic changes awaiting us at the strategic and operational levels, the new landscape of threats created by our failures, the national and security challenges we face, and the lessons we can already draw from the national mistakes we have made. We stand at a Ben-Gurion-like juncture, marked by the need for dramatic decisions and the reconstruction of our collective consciousness, as well as of our national institutions and strength.

But now we know—it is achievable. Because the spirit of ’48 remains vibrant within us. Because Zionism has emerged—and will continue to emerge—victorious. This truth may have been obscured by affluence and success, by the political conflicts that made us feel that we were in the midst of an irreconcilable social rift. The proliferation of national institutions, flush with budgets and authority, dulled our sense of engagement and personal responsibility. The people of Israel dozed off, but when the day of reckoning arrived, arising from the distress and crisis, it awoke from its slumber, cast off the dust of complacency and behold: It is a lion.
  • Monday, October 30, 2023
  • Elder of Ziyon

Antisemitism in Arab media has been getting much worse lately.

Cairo24 uses the Gaza war as an excuse to praise Hitler:

What did Hitler say about the Jews? In light of the escalating events by the Zionist occupation towards the Palestinians, especially children, women and the elderly, some are searching for the most prominent things said by Adolf Alois Hitler, the Nazi German politician. He wanted to exterminate them from the face of the earth, so his view was correct. He told them that they were the cause of the devastation that was befalling the world, so he burned them.
They also publish the fake quote that antisemites ascribe to Hitler, "It was in my power to eliminate all the Jews of the world, but I left some of them so that you would know why I was exterminating them." But they also favorably quoted some antisemitism from Mein Kampf.

That is only one article in the past 24 hours.

Algeria's El Khabar has an article that says:
 A question that has always been on my mind: Why is the West so keen on the existence of Israel? Why do they support the Jews so endlessly? I found only one answer, which is to get rid of their evils. Anyone who traces the history of the people will find that Stalin, for example, did not promise the Jews the establishment of a national homeland for them in Palestine except to get rid of their disease, and Hitler did not search for a rubbish bin to collect them except to cleanse Germany of their filth. America itself suffers from them, but it is helpless. Because the Zionist lobby is suffocating its breath.

There is no evil that has spread in the world unless these bastards are behind it. The Jew Karl Marx was behind atheistic communism, the other Jew Durkheim was behind the sociology that tampered with the family, the Jew Freud based his psychology on scandalous sex, and the Jew Sater promoted pornography.
Egypt's El Balad publishes a prayer for genocide of Jews. Here is a small part:

Oh God, curse the killers of the prophets, O God, send stones of shale upon them and throw terror and panic into their hearts.
Oh God, destroy the Jews in Palestine, the children of monkeys and pigs, and make their women barren, O God, and may their children be dispersed. 
Oh God, send upon them strong winds that will uproot their power.   
A columnist in Saudi Arabia's Al Madina writes:

The current events in Gaza have proven the truth of the Holy Qur’an about the Jews, in their many and hideous characteristics, including their constant practice of killing. If they did not kill others, they would kill themselves, meaning they would fight among themselves. And God says: (Then it is you who kill yourselves) in addition to their killing of the prophets, and whoever kills the prophets will not There is no doubt that killing Arabs and Palestinians is easy for them, and the doctrine of Israel’s army, police, and Mossad intelligence is killing, then killing, then more killing!

We all hated what happened and is happening to the people of Gaza, but perhaps it is a good hatred, as it showed us some of the characteristics of the Jews that require us to be wary of them and consider them the most prominent enemy, especially since the lobby pressuring them has recruited the greatest powers, international Freemasonry, and the media with them, in the name of religion and in the name of non-religion, to dominate the world within their ill-fated plan!

But while some articles ue the Quran to justify hating Jews, others claim that Jews are not really the Jews in the Quran to begin with.  Dr. Ahmed Rabie , former dean of the Faculty of Islamic Dawa at Al-Azhar University, said that "today’s Jews are not descendants of our Prophet Jacob" and only arabs are the remaining descendants of Abraham. 

But why seek consistency in the details? The main point remains: Jews are evil and must be destroyed. 

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