Tuesday, March 30, 2021

From Ian:

David Singer: End Netanyahu-hatred – start advancing Israel’s national interest instead
It is surely time for Netanyahu-haters - Gideon Sa'ar, Naftali Bennett and even Avigdor Liberman - to end their feuds with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by joining a national right-wing coalition Government - headed by Netanyahu - to advance Israel’s national interest in Judea and Samaria – with the backing of a comfortable parliamentary majority.

Three elections held on April 9 2019, September 7, 2019 and March 2, 2020 failed to achieve this objective – principally because Liberman’s hatred of Netanyahu saw him choosing to enter Opposition on all three occasions – and Bennett's joining the Opposition once (and his once not passing the threshhold after splitting from the Jewish Home Party)- rather than joining Netanyahu’s Governments.

The financial cost of holding four elections in 2 years is estimated to be $4.24 billion – a massive waste of money.

This madness needs to end – as pundits ponder the possibility of a fifth election as the sun is still setting on the fourth – which at the time of writing does not appear to have given Netanyahu and his political allies the 61 votes needed to govern in their own right.

Liberman and Bennett and Sa'ar– all leaders of right wing parties - with similar policies and politics to Netanyahu – need to pull their heads out of the sand and join a Netanyahu-led coalition to ensure no fifth election is going to happen.

Israel’s failure to act on President Trump’s Deal of the Century which would have seen the extension of Israeli sovereignty in about 30% of Judea and Samaria allocated to Israel – was a missed opportunity whilst Trump was President. However Trump’s plan, with changes, still remains best the way forward – whether the Biden administration endorses it or not.

Netanyahu, Liberman and Bennett and the parties they head have a common shared interest in seeing this extension of Israeli sovereignty happen.

Jpost Editorial: Israel is ready for an Arab party in the governing coalition - editorial
Abbas himself has indicated that he would be willing to play ball.

“Most of the time, the Arab parties automatically are part of the Left, without considering key issues,” Abbas told The Jerusalem Post in December. “We need to reposition ourselves toward the entire Israeli political spectrum and not one side. We are not in the pockets of the Left or the Right. We need to act within the interests of the Arab society that chose us.”

Abbas said he believed that the only way for Arab citizens to secure government support in their fight for funding against the main problems facing the Arab community – including poverty, gang violence and housing restrictions – is to be part of the government.

It should be noted that neither Ra’am nor the Joint List is a beacon of democracy. Ra’am, the political wing of the Southern Branch of the Islamic movement, follows an ultra-conservative ideology and is virulently anti-gay. And after the Joint List – comprising Balad, Hadash, Ta’al and Ma’an – announced before the election that it would not share votes with any Zionist party, Meretz officials accused it of choosing nationalism and separatism over Jewish-Arab solidarity.

Netanyahu ruled out the idea of Ra’am joining a government in his election campaign, calling the party anti-Zionist, but did not rule out “parliamentary cooperation.” And some Likud lawmakers – including former communications minister Ayoub Kara, who met with Abbas on Saturday – have come out in favor of bringing Ra’am into a Likud-led coalition.

“There is a difference between the Joint List that cut off the Arab public from Israel and the new pragmatic Ra’am that doesn’t deny Israel’s existence and wants to be a partner in national decisions,” Kara tweeted.

After four consecutive elections, though, there needs to be a meaningful change in Israel’s democratic system. The ultimate vision should be full equality for all its citizens and the integration of all its communities. It is with this in mind that we support the idea of including an Arab party for the first time in the Jewish state’s history of almost 73 years – as long it supports the basic tenets upon which Israel was founded.

For first time since introduction of 'traffic light' system: No red cities in Israel
The Health Ministry's Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center on Tuesday reported that 356 new cases of the virus were recorded on Monday out of 42,328 administered tests – a positivity rate of 0.9%.

The coronavirus infection coefficient dropped to 0.53.

The ministry also said that for the first time since the induction of the so-called "traffic light" plan – which calculates which cities and towns have high infection rates – Israel no longer has any "red," or highly infectious, cities.

Israel has 8,268 active coronavirus cases – which is nearly half the number of cases compared to one week ago (14,953) – including 423 patients in serious condition, 226 in critical condition, and 206 on ventilators, a slight rise from Monday's 201. Some 75% of the seriously ill patients were not vaccinated.

The country has seen 6,188 deaths from coronavirus since the outbreak of the pandemic.

A total of 5,228,324 Israelis have received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 4,741,946 have received the second dose as well.

Despite the many encouraging statistics, the National Information and Knowledge Center said it was still too soon to declare the end of the pandemic, warned against complacency and called on the population to continued following safety guidelines even as more and more restrictions are lifted.

National corona commissioner Prof. Nahman Ash on Monday told 103 FM Radio that in his estimation, in several weeks, the public will be allowed to stop wearing protective masks outside. "We will discuss this after the Passover holiday. I feel the time has come to relieve these restrictions as well," he said.

Meanwhile, the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday rejected a government decision to extend the Shin Bet security agency's surveillance program for coronavirus detection.
Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Highly Effective After First Shot in Real-World Use
COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer Inc with BioNTech SE and Moderna Inc reduced the risk of infection by 80% two weeks or more after the first of two shots, according to data from a real-world US study released on Monday.

The risk of infection fell 90% by two weeks after the second shot, the study of just under 4,000 vaccinated US healthcare personnel and first responders found.

The study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) evaluated the vaccines’ ability to protect against infection, including infections that did not cause symptoms. Previous clinical trials by the companies evaluated their vaccine’s efficacy in preventing illness from COVID-19.

The findings from of the real-world use of these messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines confirm the efficacy demonstrated in the large controlled clinical trials conducted before they received emergency use authorizations from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The study looked at the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines among 3,950 participants in six states over a 13-week period from Dec. 14, 2020 to March 13, 2021.

“The authorized mRNA COVID-19 vaccines provided early, substantial real-world protection against infection for our nation’s healthcare personnel, first responders, and other frontline essential workers,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement.

The new mRNA technology is a synthetic form of a natural chemical messenger being used to instruct cells to make proteins that mirror part of the novel coronavirus. That teaches the immune system to recognize and attack the actual virus.

The CDC study comes weeks after real-world data from Israel suggested that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was 94% effective in preventing asymptomatic infections.
Israeli COVID variant found, has infected hundreds, doesn’t challenge vaccines
Scientists have discovered an Israeli coronavirus variant, and believe there are hundreds of cases of the mutation in the north, south and center of the country — but they don’t believe it poses a challenge to vaccine effectiveness.

The variant has so far been confirmed in around 180 patients, from Haifa in the north to Beersheba in the south, but as the sequencing necessary for identifying it only takes place in samples from a minority of patients, it is believed that numerous other cases exist.

The variant’s defining characteristic is a change of four amino acids in a location of the spike protein called 681. It was first discovered in July, but was only documented now, according to a Health Ministry statement.

“It’s clear from the changes we saw that there’s something quite unique to Israel, which is why it is believed to have started in Israel,” Prof. Michal Linial, a member of the team that analyzed it for the ministry, told The Times of Israel.

She said that other countries have seen variants with changes in this location, but none with the particular pattern researchers identified. And she said it’s a foregone conclusion that it will keep developing.

“I can promise it will mutate further,” stated Linial, a Hebrew University biochemist.
Palestinian Terrorists Issue Death Threat on American Reformer as Biden Admin Seeks Closer Ties
After more than a week of silence in the face of questions, the State Department said it is concerned about the safety of a prominent pro-democracy Palestinian-American who recently received death threats from a terror organization affiliated with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

Fadi Elsalameen, a human-rights and anti-corruption activist who is seen as a leading challenger to Abbas's presidency, is facing death threats over his efforts to reform the Palestinian government and orient it more toward the West. The fledgling government is gearing up for elections next month. The death threats were formally issued earlier this month by the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed terrorist group loyal to Abbas's Fatah political party.

Elsalameen, in a March 20 Twitter message disclosing the threat, said he has no security detail and called on the Biden administration to strongly denounce the threats emanating from the Martyrs Brigades. The State Department, which is responsible for protecting Americans abroad, declined to take a stance on the matter as recently as Friday when asked by reporters about Elsalameen's safety during a press briefing. On the same day, the State Department announced $15 million in new aid for the Palestinian government.

The State Department's silence quickly stoked concerns that the Biden administration is intentionally refraining from condemning Palestinian leadership amid its effort to resume giving taxpayer aid dollars to the government. That move that has drawn criticism from Republican foreign policy leaders, who maintain that the Palestinian government should not receive aid until it ends its support for terrorism and ongoing incitement against Israel. The Washington Free Beacon first reported last week that the State Department determined the Palestinian government continues to spend international aid dollars caring for imprisoned terrorists and their families as part of a program known as "pay-to-slay."

A State Department official, speaking only on background, told the Free Beacon that the department is aware of the threats on Elsalameen's life and takes them seriously. The official did not single out Abbas or criticize his government's association with the Martyrs Brigades. It remains unclear what exactly the Biden administration is doing to ensure Elsalameen's safety abroad.
Democrats Move to Curtail War Powers
House Democrats are pushing a bill through Congress limiting America’s ability to fight terrorists in the Middle East, critics say.

Last Thursday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee voted mostly on party lines to repeal a 2002 military authorization used since the Iraq war for counterterrorism operations in the region. The bill—which will soon hit the House floor—removes the Pentagon's war powers without a replacement plan in place, Rep. Andy Barr (R., Ky.) told the Washington Free Beacon.

"Voting to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) without a replacement is voting to disregard the terrorist threats in Iraq," Barr said. "This decision also surrenders the role of Congress in consenting to the use of military force under Article I of the Constitution. Congress should instead reassert its role in the process of authorizing military force and examine ways to update the 2002 AUMF to better reflect the current national security threats in the region."

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) joined Barr in opposing the repeal package, saying the threats the 2002 resolution addressed remain in Iraq.

"The terrorism threats that underlie those authorizations are still there," Rubio told Politico last week. "There’s clearly terrorist activity inside of Iraq."

Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.) also expressed concerns, saying the Democrat-led repeal effort was a "dangerous mistake."

Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), a former black panther and longtime supporter of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, introduced the legislation with apparent support from the White House. In March, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the administration was open to changes in presidential war powers in a larger effort to end America’s "forever wars." President Biden, however, said he does not expect troops to leave Afghanistan by a May 1 deadline.
Bahrain appoints first-ever ambassador to Israel
Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi approved Bahrain’s first-ever ambassador to Israel on Tuesday, ahead of the Gulf state opening its embassy in the coming weeks.

Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani appointed Khaled Yousif al-Jalahama to the position on Sunday. Jalahama is the Director of Operations at Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry, and was deputy chief of mission at Bahrain’s Embassy to the US in 2009-2013.

A Bahraini team is expected to arrive in Israel in the coming weeks to set up an embassy in the Tel Aviv area.

Ashkenazi told Al Zayani on Sunday evening: “The Bahraini government’s decision to appoint an ambassador to Israel is another important step towards implementing the peace agreement and strengthening the ties between the countries.”

During the call with Al Zayani, Ashkenazi thanked Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for his courage and leadership in establishing full diplomatic relations with Israel.

Bahrain announced that it was normalizing ties with Israel in September, less than a month after the United Arab Emirates did so, in the framework of the Abraham Accords.

Israel already had a secret diplomatic office in Manama, Bahrain’s capital, before normalization announced, and it became an embassy operating in the open in recent months.

Turkey tells Israel it is ready to exchange ambassadors again
Turkey on Monday informed Israel that it is ready to dispatch an ambassador to Tel Aviv once the Israeli government commits to simultaneously reciprocating the measure, a senior Turkish official told Israel Hayom. The main point of contention between the two former allies remains the presence of senior Hamas officials on Turkish soil.

Following years of contentious relations, Turkey recently altered its foreign policy toward the region in general and Israel in particular. In December, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that "Turkey wants to improve its relations with Israel. Our intelligence cooperation with Israel is ongoing." This occurred some three weeks after his close confidant, former Admiral Cihat Yayci, proposed a shared maritime border deal with Israel, which was first reported by Israel Hayom.

The trend continued earlier this month, when Dr. Hakan Yurdakul, a board member of the Turkish Presidency's Committee for Economic Policies, attended a European Jewish Parliament conference focusing on a renewed agenda between the former allies.

Israel is not the only country in the Middle East with which Ankara wants to rehabilitate and normalize relations. In Ankara's efforts to normalize ties with Cairo, Turkish authorities on March 20 ordered Istanbul-based TV channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to immediately stop airing criticism of Egypt. This could indicate that if Israel agrees to restore relations with Turkey, Erdogan's government could work, to some extent or another, to remove or stifle the senior Hamas leaders residing in Istanbul. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Israel warns citizens they could be targeted by Iran, as outbound tourism renews
The National Security Council issued a travel advisory Monday, warning that Iran may still try to attack Israelis overseas, amid increased international travel following Israel’s rapid vaccination drive.

In the advisory, the NSC said that Iranian officials had threatened to attack Israeli targets over the last few months, adding that Iran had already conducted a bombing attack near the Israeli embassy in India in January.

“Officials in India have determined that Iran was behind the bombing,” the statement said.

A letter found close to the scene of the blast was a death threat to the ambassador that warned he was being constantly being watched and vowed to avenge the deaths of “martyrs” Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander, who was killed in a January 2020 United States drone strike; Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, a top Iraqi militia commander who was killed along with Soleimani; and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the architect of Iran’s nuclear program, killed in a November 2020 attack Tehran has blamed on Israel.

The NSC advisory listed countries neighboring Iran as places where Iranians could try to attack Israelis — including Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, and Israel’s two new Gulf peace partners the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — as well as Iraqi Kurdistan, Egypt and Jordan.

The statement also said that “global jihadist organizations, with a special emphasis on the Islamic State,” are demonstrating “high motivation” to launch global attacks, including in countries that Israelis tend to visit.

The advisory came as some 5,800 travelers departed Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, as the cap on the number of travelers allowed in and out of the country expired last week following a High Court of Justice ruling.
Israel’s border crossing to Egypt reopens for first time since COVID-19 outbreak
Israel on Tuesday reopened the Taba border crossing with Egypt after a year-long closure amid the coronavirus pandemic, allowing limited numbers to cross to the Sinai Peninsula during the Passover holiday.

The move was the latest step toward a return to normalcy for Israel, which has fully vaccinated more than half of its roughly 9.3 million residents against coronavirus, the world’s fastest per capita pace.

From Tuesday through April 12, 300 Israelis will be allowed through Taba in each direction every day. To cross, individuals must be inoculated or have recovered from COVID-19. A negative COVID-19 test is also required in both directions.

Foreign diplomats and people on humanitarian missions will also be eligible for approval to pass.

The situation will be reassessed ahead of April 12, at which point the daily cap may go up.

Egypt’s Sinai peninsula is a popular vacation spot for Israelis, especially during the Passover break which began over the weekend, but the pandemic has forced Taba’s closure since March 2020. In previous years, tens of thousands of Israeli tourists have used the gateway over the week-long Passover holiday, which this year began on Saturday night.

Israel’s National Security Council has long issued warnings against travel to Sinai, citing the potential for terror attacks in the restive region. However, Israeli tourists have increasingly ignored such alerts.
As 13 Yemeni Jews leave pro-Iran region for Cairo, nation’s community down to 6
Thirteen Yemeni Jews were brought to Egypt from Yemen in a deal with Iranian-backed militias that ruled their areas, shrinking the number of Jews remaining in Yemen to six, The Times of Israel has confirmed.

Their departure was first reported by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on Sunday. The paper said they had been expelled.

A knowledgeable official told The Times of Israel that the 13 Yemeni Jews — some of the ancient community’s last members — had not been directly forced to leave the country. Rather, they had reached an exit agreement with the Iran-backed Houthi militias, which rule parts of Yemen.

The 13 Jews received an offer to go to Israel by way of the port city of Aden, which is controlled by the United Arab Emirates’ proxy in the war-torn country, the Southern Transitional Council. But they refused.

“They reached an agreement with the Houthi leadership to go to Cairo. They wanted at first to go to the United Arab Emirates, but that proved impossible, so they went to Cairo. In Cairo, they have family there,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Several Yemeni Jewish families have been resettled in the Emirates in recent months. The families were given what the official termed “very good financial conditions,” including housing units.

The Yemeni Jewish community — once over 50,000 strong — has dwindled in recent decades. Between 1949 and 1950, Israel brought nearly 49,000 Yemenite Jews to the state.
Police commander backs up officer who killed mentally ill Arab-Israeli
The commander of the Asher District of Israel Police told Army Radio on Tuesday that he supports the police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill Arab-Israeli man in Haifa after the man allegedly attempted to stab police on Monday.

"I'm backing up the cop who fired. A man tried to slit his throat, his life was in significant danger and he shot to save himself," commander Benny Abelia said. "I hear in the media claims that the hand of the police is light on the trigger - this is not true at all."

Later on Tuesday, Public Security Amir Ohana joined Abelia in backing up the involved officer, saying that the officer "acted exactly as expected of him," and adding that "every police officer should know that they will always be backed up in incidents that include taking actions to protect their own lives."

Police shot and killed a 33-year-old man in Haifa after he attempted to stab officers who were called to the scene by his parents after he became unruly in his home.

When police arrived at the scene, Munir Anabtawi pulled out a knife and tried to stab the officers, injuring one of them slightly, according to police, although his family denied that this was the case to Israeli media.

Shairin, Anabtawi’s sister, told KAN news that he did not have anything in his hand and was not trying to stab police when he was shot. “We saw the knife on the table,” she said. “He put it on the table and got down to wait for me. He was running away from them.” His family claimed that he was mentally disabled.
Israel: Knife-wielding, mentally disabled Arab man, 33, shot by police

Terrorists All Set to Win Palestinian Elections
[A]s far as most Palestinians are concerned, Barghouti is actually a "hero" who deserves to become president because of his convictions for terrorism.

The message the Palestinian leadership is sending to its people is: A Palestinian convicted of financial corruption is nowhere near as worthy of public office as one who murders Jews and masterminds terrorist attacks.

[I]t would be no surprise to see several Palestinian terrorists, including Barghouti and Sa'adat, in the next Palestinian parliament.

Hamas and the PFLP, whose members are planning to run in the parliamentary election, have, incidentally, been officially designated as terrorist organizations by the US, the European Union, Canada, Israel and Japan.

A terrorist convicted of murdering Jews is far more popular than a candidate who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, such as former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

The US, EU, and other countries need to make financial aid to the Palestinian conditional on not electing terrorists. This condition should be presented to the Palestinians before, not after, the election.

This should not be a difficult task. All the international community has to do is remind the Palestinians of the three conditions set by the "Quartet" in 2006 for recognizing a Palestinian government: that all members of a future Palestinian government must be committed to non-violence, recognize Israel's right to exist and accept previous agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians.

By turning a blind eye to terrorists who plan to participate in the Palestinian elections, the international community is legitimizing terrorism as well as pulling the rug out from under all the Palestinians and other Arabs not affiliated with terrorist groups and who might be hoping that the US would lead them to better lives and peace in the region.
MEMRI: PA Coronavirus-libel intensifies: Israel “is deliberately transmitting the virus to the prisoners”
The PA has found the silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic by using it to breathe new life into its medical libel, according to which Israel mistreats terrorist prisoners and intentionally murders them through neglect and denial of treatment for their illnesses.

The PA purports that Israel is now using COVID-19 as "a lethal weapon" to implement its "policy” of "murdering the prisoners." In a new filler on official PA TV, which seems to blend authentic images with staged acting, the PA claims that Israel is “deliberately transmitting the virus” to the Palestinian terrorist prisoners by way of Israeli prisoners, who according to the PA libel are infecting them with the virus.

This in itself is impossible, as Israel keeps Palestinian terrorist prisoners – the so-called “security prisoners” - strictly separated from the rest of the prisoner population. Moreover, Israel has in fact vaccinated Palestinian prisoners who wanted the vaccine – including murderers, some of whom even received the vaccine before the families of their Israeli victims were eligible to it within the Israeli vaccination program. Finally, no Palestinian prisoner has died of COVID-19.

Text on screen: “The prisoners are in danger
The prisoners in the occupation’s prisons are being subjected to a policy of deliberate medical neglect (sic) by the [Israeli] prison authority, which is a lethal weapon and one of the means to slowly physically and psychologically murdering the prisoners
This policy has led to the death as a Martyr of more than 70 prisoners in the prisons since 1967
The spreading of the Coronavirus inside the prisons
The number of those harmed [by the Coronavirus] inside the occupation’s prisons has reached 295
The occupation is deliberately transmitting the virus to the prisoners through its [Israeli] prisoners
And it is neglecting their treatment
Israeli Minister of Public Security Amir Ohana demanded that the Israeli prison authority not provide Coronavirus vaccines to the Palestinian prisoners (sic., Ohana opposed vaccinating any prisoners – Israeli and Palestinian alike - until the rest of the public was vaccinated first.)”
[Official PA TV, March 11, 2021]

Palestinian Media Watch has documented the new “trend” in the PA’s medical libel since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. The PA has falsely claimed that Israel exposed child prisoners to the virus, and has called the virus “Israel's new weapon” against the terrorist prisoners, despite the fact that Israel actually has vaccinated the prisoners against the virus. In addition, PMW has documented numerous other Coronavirus-related libels and statements by the PA during the course of the pandemic.

Iran Rejects Ending 20% Enrichment Before US Lifts Sanctions: State TV
Iran will not stop its 20% uranium enrichment before the United States lifts all sanctions, Iranian state TV quoted an unnamed official as saying on Tuesday, after a US media report said Washington would offer a new proposal to jump-start talks.

The Biden administration has been seeking to engage Iran in talks about both sides resuming compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. The agreement removed economic sanctions on Tehran in return for curbs on Iran‘s nuclear program to make it harder to develop a nuclear weapon — an ambition Tehran denies.

“A senior Iranian official tells Press TV that Tehran will stop its 20-percent uranium enrichment only if the US lifts ALL its sanctions on Iran first,” state-run Press TV said on its website.

“The official said Tehran will further reduce its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal if the US does not lift all sanctions, warning that Washington is rapidly running out of time,” it added.

Separately, Iran‘s United Nations mission tweeted: “No proposal is needed for the US to rejoin the JCPOA (nuclear agreement). It only requires a political decision by the US to fully and immediately implement all of its obligations under the accord…”

Politico earlier reported a US proposal, the details of which it said are still being worked out, would ask Iran to halt some of its nuclear activities, such as work on advanced centrifuges and the enrichment of uranium to 20% purity, in exchange for some relief from US economic sanctions.


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