Monday, May 25, 2020

From Ian:

Muslims themselves gave us the tools to disprove Palestinian lies ?
Of all the Palestinian lies about the Temple Mount, the most dangerous is the false thinking being ‎created. In recent years, the Palestinians have been kneading the timeline of history as if it were ‎dough. They are writing a new historical story for Jerusalem: the Muslims were here first, while the ‎Jews – who have no ties whatsoever to the city and its holy sites – arrived after them, then ‎proceeded to steal, block off, and invent a story about the Mount and the Temple that sits there. ‎

For the past few years, Israel has opted to stay in its PR comfort zone. In the face of these mega-lies, it ‎chose to focus on the Palestinian ritual that goes along with the invented history and assigns Israel an ‎intention of destroying "Al-Aqsa" by means of an artificial earthquake and "throwing chemicals on the ‎foundations of the mosque," as well as horrific cartoons that show Jews as "Dr. Streimer" or as snakes ‎and octopuses wrapping themselves around the Dome of the Rock, stealing ice cream bars shaped like ‎Al-Aqsa with evil looks, or cutting off the top of the Dome of the Rock with a guillotine and rushing Al-‎Aqsa on D9 bulldozers to raze it. ‎

But none of these imaginings or works of art comes close to the seriousness of what Palestinian ‎leaders have been doing to their people's thinking for several years now: the "historical" statement ‎that Jewish ties to Jerusalem are based on falsehoods; that Jews have no true ties to Jerusalem; that ‎the Temple never stood on the Temple Mount; or that the Temple itself was only imaginary – "Al-‎Mazoom," as they call it. ‎

The immediate reaction to this false version of history is to turn to archaeology and well-established ‎history – hundreds of Jewish and Christian historical sources – to disprove the plié. But it seems that ‎isn't enough. Even the long list of prominent Muslim religious figures who for 1,300 years wrote ‎unhesitatingly about the Temple Mount as the location of the Jewish Temple makes no impression of ‎missions of Muslims. ‎

So we need something else – to delve into the history of the Mount. In the past few years the ‎research "tool belt" at our disposal has expanded, and we should use it. More and more academic ‎studies are showing that the Muslims, from the first time they visited the Mount, used Jews to find ‎their way around and that the Jews were the ones who taught Muslims about the Mount and where ‎its borders lie, as well as the boundaries of the Foundation Stone, and that the first Muslim ‎ceremonies at the Dome of the Rock bore a striking resemblance to Jewish ceremonies at the very ‎Temple whose existence the Muslims now deny. ‎‎
David Singer: PLO Opens Door to Jordan Returning to Judea and Samaria
Netanyahu had no compunction in calling out and exposing the continuing travesty of justice that these current protestations represented.

However the roadblock jamming any progress in resolving the conflictwas suddenly cleared when days later PLO President Mahmoud Abbas announced:
"The Israeli occupation authority, as of today, has to shoulder all responsibilities and obligations in front of the international community as an occupying power over the territory of the occupied state of Palestine, with all its consequences and repercussions based on international law and international humanitarian law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which holds the occupying power responsible for the protection of the civilian population under occupation and their property, criminalizes collective punishment, bans theft of resources, appropriation and annexation of land, bans forced transfer of the population of the occupied territory and bans transfer of the population of the occupying state (the colonialists) to the land it occupies, which all are grave violations and war crimes"

Stripped of the lies and false and deceptive claims contained in this statement that have formed part and parcel of the PLO’s propaganda arsenal since its formation in 1964 – Abbas’s message was clear: Abbas was now turning over responsibility for Judea and Samaria to Israel.

The PLO had never claimed “regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” or “on the Gaza Strip” as article 24 of its founding 1964 Charter declared. Its activities were to be “on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields”.

This PLO position only changed in 1968 after Jordan – having occupied Judea and Samaria between 1950 and 1967 driving out every Jew living there – lost that territory to Israel in the Six Day War. Gaining sovereignty in 100% of Judea and Samaria by the creation of another Arab State became the focus of the PLO from 1968.

President Trump’s peace plan offeringthe PLO possibly 70% of Judea and Samaria plus Gaza (see map below) has been rejected by the PLO.

Abbas – in turning over responsibility for Judea and Samaria to Israel – has opened the door to Jordan replacing the PLO as Israel’s negotiating partner.Successful negotiations between Jordan and Israel could see Jordan annexing part of Judea and Samaria, Jordanian citizenship being restored for the Arab residents as existed between 1950 and 1988 and a possible end to the Jewish-Arab conflict.

King Abdullah – expect a call from President Trump.

Are deep security ties between Israel and Jordan at risk? – analysis
Israel’s defense establishment understands the need to prevent a collapse of such ties, as the two countries not only have robust security coordination and intelligence sharing mechanism regarding the common threats. According to foreign reports, Jordan has allowed Israeli jets to use its airspace for its war-between-wars campaign in Syria.

The strategic depth provided by Jordan, which has not entered into any alliance with neighboring countries hostile to Israel, has kept Israel’s eastern and longest border the quietest and safest for 25 years.

Both Jordan and Israel understand that should security ties fail, not only will King Abdullah face instability at home, but the violence could spill over the border to Israel.

With a majority of Jordan’s citizens of Palestinian descent, Palestinian self-determination and maintaining the status quo of the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem are key aspects of public discourse in Amman and contribute to the cooling relationship between the neighboring countries.
In March, Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Razzaz told CNN that “today, we are at the lowest level in the relationship that has been since signing the peace treaty” and warned that the peace treaty itself was at risk.

Razzaz also denounced Israel’s alleged “violations of the sanctity of Muslim and Christian endowments in Jerusalem.”

While Netanyahu and Abdullah both recognize the need to keep the peace, domestic pressures in Jordan might make it difficult for the king to continue it at the low-profile level it currently stands.

That would not be good, for either side.

UN Watch's Hillel Neuer on The Podvocate
In an episode of The Podvocate, a program at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Executive Director Hillel Neuer speaks on the work of UN Watch, the politicization of UN bodies, and the WHO's response to the Coronavirus. Asked about checks and balances at UN bodies, Neuer reveals the backstory on how the UN Human Rights Council was born in sin, while no higher body has ever held it to account.

Netanyahu: We will move forward with annexation in July
Israel must seize the opportunity to apply its laws to parts of the West Bank in July, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Likud faction meeting on Monday.

“For the first time since 1948, there is a historic opportunity to apply sovereignty in an agreed-upon fashion, as a diplomatic, sovereign act of the State of Israel in Judea and Samaria,” Netanyahu said. “This is an opportunity that should not be missed.”

Netanyahu told Likud MKs that he has “a goal date in July, and we won’t change it.”

The coalition agreement between Likud and Blue and White stipulates that July 1 is the earliest date at which Netanyahu can bring settlement annexation to a vote.

Netanyahu’s comments were likely a response to opposition to US President Donald Trump’s peace plan from the Israeli Right, especially the Yesha Council.

Yesha Council director-general Yigal Dilmoni said the US has rejected attempts by the settler leadership to modify Trump’s annexation map to Israel of 30% of the West Bank.

US and Israeli officials are now in the middle of mapping out that territory in Area C, which will compose that 30%. But an initial map of the territory, which includes all the West Bank settlements, was already published with the Trump peace plan in January.
Israel Finds Supporters in the US and Overseas in Battle Against the ICC
On paper, they could then be arrested and extradited to the Court if they were to visit any of the 123 countries that are party to the Rome Statute. Obviously, this would not happen in the US or any of the other states that never joined the Rome Statute or that joined and later withdrew. Nor is it likely to happen in states that are party to the Rome Statute but have officially rejected Bensouda’s claims. Nevertheless, in view of widespread bias and the excessive politicization of international law, an ICC investigation of alleged Israeli war crimes could severely damage Israel’s standing and reputation in the world.

On May 17, 2020, while introducing his new government, Netanyahu made reference to the part of Bensouda’s criminal charges that define the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank as war crimes. He said: “We will fight the International Criminal Court’s attempt to accuse IDF soldiers of war crimes and the State of Israel for the horrendous crime of kindergarten construction. What hypocrisy, what twisting of the truth. These areas of the country are the birthplaces of the Jewish nation. It’s time to apply Israeli law over them.” The talks about unilateral application of Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and West Bank Jewish “settlements,” as prescribed in Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, could hinder the international effort to prevent the ICC investigation.

Israel cannot cope on its own with the dangers of an investigation and possible indictment by a biased and corrupt prosecutor and a highly politicized tribunal. The assistance of the US and other countries is crucial. It is by no means a certainty that Trump will win reelection in November, and we have no idea what the balance in Congress between Republicans and Democrats will be. If the Court decides to abandon its plan to investigate the US, Democrats who in the past decade have moved left and clashed with the Israeli government may not feel any need to adopt a tough policy toward the ICC and vigorously defend Israel.

Pompeo’s warning to the ICC is crucial to defeat Bensouda and the Palestinians who have been trying to undermine Israel’s standing in the world and right to self-defense. But it isn’t enough. Israel should conduct a forceful and relentless campaign against the ICC with all the diplomatic and legal tools at its disposal. Former chief of staff and new Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi may be among the first to be summoned by Bensouda for questioning. He should place the campaign against her and the ICC high on his list of priorities.
Palestinian Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attempts to Stab Israeli Police Officers in Jerusalem
An attempted stabbing attack took place Monday afternoon in Jerusalem, Israeli news site N12 reported.

The incident took place on Meir Nakar Street, near the Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber in the eastern section of the city.

The suspect, who N12 said was a Palestinian resident of eastern Jerusalem, approached a group of police officers and shouted, “Allahu Akbar!”

The police officers used tear gas against the attacker, but he nonetheless attempted to stab one of them.

The police then shot the attacker in the stomach, leaving him seriously wounded.

The attempted attack was the second incident of its kind on Monday, after two terrorists tried to stab a group of IDF soldiers in the West Bank earlier in the day. The assailants were shot and wounded, while no soldiers were hurt.

The incidents came only days after Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas officially ended security coordination with Israel.
IDF Troops Thwart Stabbing Attack in Samaria; Two Terrorists Wounded
Two Palestinian terrorists were shot Monday after attacking a group of soldiers near a town in central Samaria, according to the Israeli military.

According to initial reports, a group of eight Palestinians approached the soldiers, who were on patrol near Amichai, a settlement northeast of Ramallah. Two of the Palestinians then stormed the troops and attempted to stab them using what the IDF described as “sharp agricultural instruments.”

The soldiers opened fire, hitting the assailants in the lower extremities. The wounded terrorists were taken to a hospital in Ramallah, the IDF said.

No Israeli soldiers were wounded in the incident.

“A report has been received regarding an attempted stabbing attack next to the town of Amichai in the Binyamin Regional District,” the military said in a statement. “Two terrorists attempted to stab IDF combat soldiers who were operating in the area. The soldiers opened fire at the terrorists. There are no injuries to our soldiers.”

The Palestinian Authority’s WAFA news agency confirmed that the terrorists had been evacuated to a hospital in Ramallah for treatment. No details regarding their status have been released.
Israel Defense Forces: What is the Blue Line?
LTC Jonathan Conricus is here to explain everything you didn’t know that you needed to know about the Blue Line between Israel and Lebanon.

Netanyahu: Under no circumstances will I accept a plea deal
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows Sunday that he will not agree to a plea bargain in the corruption case against him.

Netanyahu faces bribery, fraud, and breach of trust charges in three different cases. His trial opened on Sunday, garnering massive attention from the local and international media.

In an interview with Channel 20, the Israeli cable heritage channel, Netanyahu completely rejects the option of a plea bargain. "Under no circumstances will I agree to a plea deal. We aren't here to make deals, rather get to the truth," he said.

Addressing the indictments against him, he said, "The last election was an expression of gross no-confidence in those who set me up. They are unable to beat me in an election so they do something else. They thought these indictments would be a death blow, but the public is smarter and gave us more votes than ever."

As for the opening of his trial earlier Sunday, Netanyahu said: "I felt I was in one of the more righteous struggles for the Israeli public. A cohort of police officers, prosecutors, and leftist journalists set me up. The prime minister also accused Channel 13 political correspondent Raviv Druker of "obstructing justice and witness-tampering."
Dershowitz on Netanyahu trial: 'Israel should be deeply ashamed'
Israel "should be deeply ashamed" for putting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on trial for trying to obtain favorable media coverage, according to American lawyer and academic Alan Dershowitz, who served as a member of the defense team during the impeachment trial of United States President Donald Trump.

Speaking to i24News, Dershowitz added that the Knesset would "never in a million years" make it a crime for politicians to push publications for more flattering media coverage "because if they did, half of the members of the Knesset would be in prison."

"Israel is the first country in modern history to ever put a political leader on trial for trying to get good media coverage or trying to eliminate negative media coverage," Dershowitz told i24. "If you want to try people on these offenses in cases 1000, 2000 and 4000, let the Knesset pass statutes."

He went on to explain his reasoning, noting that Israel is using "vague, open-ended, broad" statutes in order to fabricate new crimes, adding the case is unprecedented not because the first sitting Israeli prime minister is being charged for bribery, fraud and breach of public trust, but because "the charges being brought against Netanyahu are not crimes."

Dershowitz added that if the prosecutors wanted to charge Netanyahu with a crime there should be certain precedents and parameters set around what constitutes the exploits as actionable offenses.

Mandelblit announced on November 21 that he would indict Netanyahu for bribery in Case 4000 (the Bezeq-Walla Affair), for breach of public trust in Case 1000 (the Illegal Gifts Affair) and for breach of public trust in Case 2000 (the Yediot Aharonot Affair).
Professor Alan Dershowitz on Netanyahu Criminal Trial: "Israel Should be Deeply Ashamed"

The Palestinian Virus of Jihad
While doctors, nurses and many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are complaining about a shortage of medical supplies, the Palestinian armed groups, including PIJ and Hamas, do not appear to be facing the same problem.

The masked men [in the video] are not covering their faces or wearing gloves because they are worried about the virus. Instead, they are wearing gloves and using hand sanitizers as they prepare to descend into a tunnel built to enable Palestinians to infiltrate from the Gaza Strip into Israel [to kill or kidnap Israelis]. Once they are inside the tunnel, the militiamen are seen carrying out construction and drilling work.

Since 2014, Hamas has invested about $120 million per year in the terror tunnels. Quality concrete goes into the construction of these tunnels, instead of residential buildings. In addition, electricity is redirected to build and light up the tunnels 24 hours a day, while hospitals and the homes of civilians suffer constant power outages. According to various estimates, a terror tunnel can cost anywhere from three to 10 million dollars, depending on its length and depth.

Palestinians, particularly those living in the Gaza Strip, do not speak out against the two organizations: they are afraid for their lives.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip need jobs and proper healthcare more than rockets and tunnels. The leaders of Iran, Hamas and PIJ, nonetheless, are determined to pursue their goal of eliminating Israel. The biggest losers are the two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the Iranian people, whose money and resources are being wasted on Palestinian terror groups and Lebanon's Hezbollah militia.
PMW: The PA’s fixation with paying for terror
Which video did official PA TV rebroadcast more than any other in 2019?
- Mahmoud Abbas’ vow that even if the PA is left with only “one penny,” it will be paid in salaries to terrorists and murderers.

The PA is so fixated with rewarding terror that PA TV broadcast a TV filler of Abbas vowing to pay terror salaries no less than 172 times, 155 times in 2019 alone:
Abbas: “I say this to everyone – the salaries of our Martyrs, prisoners, and wounded are a red line… From 1965 until now, this matter is sacred to us. The Martyrs and their families are sacred, [and so are] the wounded and the prisoners. We must pay all of them. If one penny remains in our hands it is for them and not for the living.”

[Official PA TV, at least 17 times in 2018 from Nov. 16 - Dec. 17, 2018, and at least 155 times in 2019, latest Oct. 17, 2019]

And Abbas hasn’t stopped. In a speech last week, when he announced that the PA no longer sees itself as bound by any agreements with Israel, Abbas repeated that the PA will continue rewarding terrorists:
Abbas: “We vow to our honorable Martyrs and heroic prisoners – [The Israelis] have asked the banks not to pay the prisoners, [but] we will pay the prisoners, no matter what they [the Israelis] want.”

[Official PA TV, Abbas’ original speech on May 19, 2020, filler 5 times on May 20, 2020]

The PA goes out of its way to tell its people and the world that there is no more valuable way to use Palestinian money, including donor money, than to reward terrorists. Despite international condemnation, despite losing funding of several donor countries, and despite Israel's withholding of PA tax money equal to what the PA spends rewarding terrorists, the PA's repeated refrain is that NOTHING WHATSOEVER will make them stop.

And it’s not just Abbas. PA PM Muhammad Shtayyeh stressed again earlier this month that these rewards to Palestinian terrorists are “a sacred matter,” responding to the uproar in the PA following Palestinian Media Watch’s letter reminding Palestinian banks that from May 9, 2020, it would be a criminal offense for banks and their employees to process terrorist prisoners’ and released prisoners’ salaries.

Turkey's President Erdogan Underwent Surgery for Cancer, Suffers from Epilepsy
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and suffers from epilepsy, among other possible health complications, which may explain his sometimes erratic behavior, angry outbursts and conflicting remarks that puzzle many outside observers, a Nordic Monitor investigation has found.

Just like the cloud obscuring how his government spends taxpayers' money and enacts laws that deal blows to transparency in governance in Turkey, President Erdoğan is also not forthcoming in revealing details about the status of his health, fueling all sorts of speculation. The president's aides often portray him as perfectly healthy and downplay any health issue that have caught public attention. Nevertheless, there is enough evidence to confirm that the Turkish president has suffered or still experiences multiple health problems.

What is known for a fact is that he survived colon cancer and underwent surgery on November 26, 2011 in Istanbul when he was 57 years old. According to sources who have inside knowledge of Erdoğan's health, the cancer was discovered during an examination of Erdoğan, who was complaining of digestive problems and blood in his stool. The sources were interviewed on condition of anonymity for fear of threats to their lives by the Erdoğan government, which has dismissed and/or imprisoned over 20,000 health care professionals including doctors and nurses since 2016.

His doctors performed both a colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy by sampling areas of the colon suspected of possible tumor development. The microscopical examination of a tissue sample indicated that he had tumor known as a villous adenoma, which means he had an advanced form of adenoma and a precursor to cancer.
Israel's Response to Iranian Cyberattack Sought to Generate Deterrence
The cyberwar between Israel and Iran often remains covert. But the cyberattack targeting Iran's newly constructed shipping terminal at Shahid Rajaee port was reported in the Washington Post in a manner so that everyone will know about it.

"The decision to mount a forceful response - assuming Israel was the one behind the cyber strike in Iran - sought to ensure that the Iranians don't even think about stepping up their cyberattacks," explained Arik Barbing, former head of the Israel Security Agency's cyber department.

Israel message to Iran included an aspect of psychological warfare by having a top American newspaper report about it.

Barbing continued, "Were it not made public, the world wouldn't be dealing with it and Iranians could argue that it was the result of some malfunction in the system."

"Someone probably wanted to make sure everyone knew. It generates deterrence."
Ayatollah’s Unhinged Jew-Hatred Mocking Germany’s ‘Never Again’ Pledge
I was present in Jerusalem this January when leaders from the four corners of the earth gathered at Yad Vashem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. There were many important and moving speeches, none more moving than the emotional one delivered by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

He admitted that his nation had not fully learned the lessons of the Holocaust, even as Jew-hatred was still growing.

Steinmeier reiterated that Germany assumed full responsibility for the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people.

“The industrial mass murder of 6 million Jews, the worst crime in humanity, was committed by my country. The terrible war, which cost over 50 million lives, originated in my country.”

“The Eternal Flame at Yad Vashem does not go out. Germany’s responsibility does not expire. We want to live up to our responsibility. By this, you should measure us. … Seventy-five years after the liberation of Auschwitz, I stand here as the president of Germany, laden with guilt,” the German head of state declared, before ending his dramatic speech with a recitation of the Shehecheyanu blessing in perfect Hebrew.

That same week, Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister who has said he entered politics because of Auschwitz, wrote these words in a stirring op-ed in Der Spiegel:
“Policymakers need to take more resolute action in the fight against antisemitism … that we are serious when we say now, 75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz: Never again!”

Indeed, one would be hard put to match the eloquence of German leaders when talking about remembering 6 million dead Jews.
Iranian Fuel Tanker Docks in Venezuelan Port, More on the Way
The first of five Iranian tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela has moored at a port serving the South American country’s El Palito refinery, the nation’s oil minister said Monday, and Refinitiv Eikon data showed a second vessel had entered its waters.

Iran is providing Venezuela with 1.53 million barrels of gasoline and refining components in a move criticized by US authorities as both countries are under American sanctions, according to the governments, sources and calculations by

Refinitiv Eikon data showed that the tanker Fortune docked at one of El Palito’s berths around 1 a.m. local time (0500 GMT).

A second vessel, the Forest, had entered Venezuelan waters and was being escorted by Venezuela’s military on Monday morning, the navy posted on Twitter. A third tanker, the Petunia, was approaching the Caribbean, according to the data.

Tareck El Aissami, Venezuela’s economy vice president and recently named oil minister, posted photos on Twitter of the Fortune arriving.

“We continue advancing and overcoming,” El Aissami wrote.

A senior Trump administration official said earlier this month that Washington was considering a response to the shipments, but a Pentagon spokesman said last week he was not aware of any military move planned against the vessels, and the first two vessels did not appear to face any interference.
Russian chief rabbi wants Moscow to pressure Iran to repair Esther's Tomb
The Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, announced on Sunday that he will urge Moscow to pressure Iran's regime to repair the arson-damaged Tomb of Esther and Mordechai.

Lazar said: “I will contact a friend of mine in the Kremlin tomorrow and ask that the Russian government pressure the Iranian authorities to mend the tomb of Esther and Mordechai," in a Zoom talk led by Aaron G. Frenkel, president of Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union states), as part of its e-learning sessions.

Lazar added that “It was a landmark for all Iran.”

According to Limmid FSU, it has been providing digital e-learning opportunities on Jewish, general and coronavirus topics, arranged by volunteer organizing committees of festivals around the world, from Moscow to the West Coast of the US, and from Europe to Israel.

Addressing the coronavirus pandemic, Lazar said: “We are in quarantine: Use it… It will never come back, it’s a historical moment. If we don’t use it in some way, we will not be able to teach our children anything from it. We need to find out what is important for us; we need to ask ourselves how we can help others.”

He added that the Chabad organization in Russia that he oversees is providing people with Shabbat packages. “People understand that others are thinking of them," he said. "On the wider plane this finds expression through people – and countries – actually becoming friendlier. Arguments and disagreements from before the pandemic now seem to be really not that important. People are becoming softer.”
Israeli minister to Twitter: Remove Khamenei from microblogging platform
In her first effort as strategic affairs minister and member of the security cabinet, MK Orit Farkash-Hacohen sent a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey requesting that he immediately suspend the account of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Last week, Khamenei used the popular microblogging platform to attack the Jewish state and people in a series of posts that included calls for violence.

Minister of Strategic Affairs MK Orit Farkash-HacohenMinister of Strategic Affairs MK Orit Farkash-Hacohen

“Khamenei is using his Twitter account to promote hatred against the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” the minister wrote in her letter.
“Some argue that the Zionist regime is a reality that the region must come to terms with,” Khamenei tweeted on May 22, Iranian Quds Day. “Today the #Covid_19 is a reality; should it be accepted or fought?! The long-lasting virus of Zionism will be uprooted thanks to the determination and faith of the youth. #Covid1948.”

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.


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